The Formula 1 field is visiting Qatar for the first time, and the Los Angeles asphalt strip has already been taken over by troops and pilots.

In addition to the long finish line of the venue, which is not really used for international car racing so far, but is a constant in the MotoGP racing calendar, it also has plenty of fast, technical corners in which it is easy to make mistakes and run off the track. However, with these small mistakes, pilots would not necessarily lose time, and in some corners, they could even gain time by widening the runway.

That is why it has been fixed well in advance that the track boundaries will be strictly monitored in more than five curves. In terms of numbers, the exits of bends 4, 12, 13, 14 and 16 turning to the finish line must be taken off the asphalt, otherwise the given measured lap will be lost from the competitors in the free practice and the on a timer. All this remains valid for the Sunday race as well: however, it is not the lap time that flies there, but the penalty after three such cases.