Umbria ‘rewards’ the energy efficiency of public buildings

07/07/2020 – Umbria has allocated over 10 million euros for the 2021-2023 three-year period to implement energy efficiency measures for public real estate assets.

The regional council, in fact, with a view to a transition towards the “low carbon economy”, has approved the criteria for the selection, through public tender, of energy efficiency measures which will make it possible to reduce energy consumption, the related costs that weigh on the budgets of the owner Bodies and to reduce emissions for the benefit of the quality of the environment.

Energy efficiency: the notice of Umbria

The interventions can be carried out on buildings such as schools, offices, sports facilities, recreational, cultural, social as well as public housing.

The call will finance, in the measure of 100% of the eligible costs, interventions divided into two categories:
– small interventions, whose total cost is between 50,000 and 150,000 euros;
medium and large interventions, whose total cost is greater than 150,000 euros.

Regarding the efficiency of public housing it will be a three-year investment program has been prepared for a total of 3 million euros which will allow energy costs and consumption to be reduced in a significant number of accommodations.

Energy efficiency: the Umbria plan

The Regional Councilor for the Environment and Energy, Roberto Morroni explained that the Region aims at sustainable growth and therefore “the energy requalification of the public heritage is an opportunity to building exemplary buildings, to be proposed as a replicable model, also ensuring good visibility of the public work “.

“Public administrations have the opportunity to become witnesses of good practices for the redevelopment of the building stock and be a driving force for investments in private assets, to which specific incentive forms are dedicated “concluded Morroni.