Ukrainian president’s wife infected with coronavirus released from hospital

He defeated the coronavirus, so Ukrainian President Olena Zelenskka, wife of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, was released from the hospital but has not yet fully recovered from pneumonia, requiring further treatment at home, the head of the press service said on Friday.

Photo: Wikipedia

According to the announcement, the president’s wife is having a good time and is happy to be with her family again.

On June 12, it became known that Olena Zelenska’s laboratory test was positive for coronavirus, the Ukrainian Pravda news portal reminded. At the time, he even wrote on social media that he was feeling well, in self-isolation at home so as not to endanger his family members. The president and their two children were not infected.

On June 16, the presidential office announced that Olena Zelenszka had been transported to one of the hospitals in Kiev because she had developed bilateral pneumonia as a complication of the infection. His condition was classified as moderate by doctors, he did not require respiration, he received antibiotic treatment.