It is being the controversy of the year: Apple’s new privacy policy. Be careful, there is still a long year ahead, but the year has started with a great war between two technology companies, Apple vs Facebook. And it is that Facebook, whose business model is based on the collection of data from its users under the guise of a social network, does not like that Apple tries to control what its app collects and notify us of it. Does it bother everyone? Well, it seems not, in a way the degree of irritation can depend on how much you want to collect … Twitter it has just been pronounced, and no, they don’t care so much about this change in Apple’s privacy policy. Keep reading that we tell you all the details of the Twitter statements.

The analysis has been done after the presentation of the company’s results, and in this presentation they have also talked about what they expect for the year 2021. This forecast includes that Apple’s new transparency policy will have a “modest” impact on the company’s revenue. Still, they hope income have a more important rise that the expenses during the year 2021 mainly helped by the recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, income that goes up, expenses that are lower, but they also expect to increase the workforce so these may be affected.

A change, that of the Apple’s privacy policy, which we will finally see with the release of iOS 14.5 and that will allow us to block the tracking of information from the apps. This does not have to influence the operation of the app itself, what it will do is that our data have an additional layer of security. And to you, What do you think of all this controversy that Facebook is creating? Is the change in Apple’s policy okay?