The world of social media is a changing world. It is so much so that on many occasions we see how many of these networks have enjoyed being the most used by all users, to later fall into absolute oblivion. Others like Facebook are reluctant to fall by creating communities where we can least hope. And others like Twitter keep themselves as long as they can, adding news and acting as a social forum in which “anything” goes. Twitter that social network that we can use through third-party apps, and today we bring you news about one of the best known. Tweetbot for iOS has just been updated adding support for limiting replies to tweets and creating accounts. Keep reading that we give you all the details.

Obviously all third-party apps that are used to use Twitter they have to adapt to the news that Twitter wants to launch in its API, Which by the way they neglect so that we end up using the official client (with advertising). Tweetbot, from the company Tapbots, adds one of the latest news from Twitter that allows us to limit who can reply to tweets, and the creation of polls in our tweet feed. Very interesting news, especially the one that makes it easier for us to limit responses so that we have more control of the people who answer us.

Remember that Tweetbot changed its business model to the subscription model and that unlike in previous versions (for which we had to pay to download the app), now we “only” have to subscribe to one of their plans to be able to use the app. We will see if Twitter continues to update their API so that developers can continue to use the platform’s news. And you, are you one of those who use the official client or do you opt for applications like Tweetbot?