trend of infections, hospitalizations and deaths

Over 200 fewer patients, intensive care that have emptied, collapse in the number of currently positive and almost 600 recovered from just 15 deaths. These are the data that emerge from the analysis ofpandemic trend in Campania for the month of June 2020, provided by the Crisis Unit of the Campania Region and by the Civil Protection. The situation appears comforting also in light of the fact that, as noted by the Gimbe foundation, Campania is among the regions that make the least swabs in relation to the population; lower possibility of finding any asymptomatic, therefore, but the lesser spread of the virus is evident due to the decrease in the number of patients.

The peak of infection between March and April

The turnaround began between 15 and 16 May, when the number of healed (2,164) exceeded that of the currently positive (2,012). The black period, however, was between the end of March and the beginning of April: the highest number of inpatients in Resuscitation was registered on March 23 (181), peak reached in a few days: on March 15 there were just 24. These were the days of intensive therapy and the fear of not being able to welcome all patients in serious conditions. Then the situation normalized, down to below 100 people on April 7 (97) and, gradually, until the complete emptying of Reanimations starting from June 21 (with the only exception of one hospitalized on June 25).

Currently in Campania the outbreak is active in the former Cirio buildings of Mondragone; in the town of Casertano in recent days the positivity of 75 people, almost all residing in the buildings which, from Monday 22 June, has been proclaimed a red zone (extended until next 7 July).

The trend of the outbreak in Campania in June

Going back to the dry analysis of the numbers, we can see that in the Campania hospitals on June 1, 236 patients were hospitalized in ordinary hospitalization and 7 in intensive care; there were 647 people in home isolation and the currently positive were 890. The total number of people infected was 4,809, the healed 3,504 and the dead 417. The swabs analyzed at that date were 206,834. On June 30, however, there were just 16 people in ordinary hospital stay (-220) and zero those in Intensive Care. There were 173 people in home isolation (-474) and the currently positive were 189 (-701). The healed were 4,078 (+574) and the dead 432 (+15). Finally, the swabs analyzed were 285,388 (+78,554).

On the other hand, the comparison cannot be made with the number of infected people, which according to the data has decreased to 4,699: impossible since the count concerns the people who contracted the virus and therefore cannot clearly drop. The problem is given by the incorrect counting that led to the abduction of 229 people on 11 June, which had been counted twice for communication problems between ASL and the Campania Region. Without counting the “disappeared” infected, the infected would be 119 in June.

The situation of the coronavirus in Campania today

According to latest data available15 (-1), zero in Intensive Care, 175 (+2) in home isolation and 190 (-1) currently positive; 4,080 (+2) died and 432 died, for a total of 4702 people infected (+3) since the outbreak.

Although the results suggest that the more acute phase has passed, doctors recommend keeping the situation high to prevent excessive laxity from reigniting the infection. At Francesco Faella, an infectious disease specialist who has been called back into service to coordinate the Covid department of Loreto Mare, reiterated that the virus is still there, and that at this stage it is even more important to respect the anti-contagion rules.