Travel time between Izmir and Antalya will be 1 hour!

The tender for the Build-Let-Transfer (YD) model for the Aydn-Denizli Motorway, which is the continuation of the zmir-Aydn Highway, which will provide uninterrupted transportation from zmir to Antalya, has been made today.

6 companies submitted bids in the tender held at the General Directorate of Highways. The highway, which will be constructed with a total length of 163 kilometers including 140 kilometers of motorways and 23 kilometers of connection roads, will start from the existing Aydn Phase Highway Highway Ayrm Kavan and reach Yenipazar from Dalama. The highway that will continue in the direction of eltiki-Korucuk-Kocadere will end at Kocaba.

Highway construction will be completed within 3 years after the tender is ended. After the completion of the bid and detail purchases, the company, which made the lowest bid by making a discount on the price, will be invited to follow the technical competencies after reviewing it. In the event that the highway is completed and put into operation before 3 years, this increasing day from construction will be added to the end of the Operating Session and no guarantee will be made for this period added to the end of the Operating Session.