Training for orgasm

Everyone has heard of him by now. Unfortunately, not everyone has met him personally yet. We’re talking about orgasm. Medical professionals know that orgasm is not a must. But they also know: If the highest, most beautiful happiness is missing during sex, there is a greater risk of loss of pleasure and often impotence or frigidity. Therefore, it makes sense to learn to orgasm.

What can you do against the frustration if you do not want to set an orgasm during sex? If you and your partner don’t mind that you don’t orgasm during sex, nothing. Orgasm is not an orgasm must. Action should definitely only be taken with people who no longer orgasm due to illness or depression. Everyone else can live to an old age in the best of health even without orgasm. But who wants that – a life without sex and / or without an orgasm? The number of those who cannot, but would very much like to, is far greater! And for them we have a few good tips on how to achieve orgasm with or without partner sex:

  • Only have sex with someone you really desire. If you no longer think about it, but are carried away by your instincts, you can’t go wrong. Everything – including orgasm – happens by itself. Relax. Take time for beautiful things: eat comfortably together, take a long walk, take a bath, caress each other and so on.

  • If you’ve lived together for years, it can be a good idea to go away with your partner and try something you’ve never done before (like an adventure vacation). Then you might discover new, unexpected sides that make it “interesting” again. What if it still doesn’t work? First, rule out physical causes. Talk to your doctor. If he doesn’t find anything, all the better! Maybe you are just something out of sex exercise? But you can train orgasm! With or without sex.

  • Korean breast massage: stroke your breasts in the morning and in the evening for a minimum of 36 and a maximum of 360 times. Run a circle around the breasts with both hands, clockwise around the left breast and counterclockwise around the right breast.

  • Bundle sexual energy and train the orgasm: Caress one breast as indicated above and press the other hand against the clitoris and labia. Then contract the pelvic floor muscles and count to ten. Relax. Repeat on the other side 20 times. If you are not yet able to voluntarily tense your pelvic floor muscles, here is a simple trick to “get to know”: Try to deliberately interrupt the urine flow while urinating – but only once to feel it. The muscles you use to do this are the muscles of the pelvic floor.

Homemade sex and orgasm

Why are the pelvic floor muscles so important? Prof. Dr. Wolf Eicher, chief physician at the gynecological clinic at Heidelberg University, explains: “Women with impaired or weak ability to orgasm are often less able to contract the muscles around the vagina. This can constitutionally be due to physical weakness as a result of damage to the pelvic floor through childbirth, but also through inhibitions. Often through both. Training the lifting muscle on the pelvic floor can improve the ability to orgasm. ” However, this does not only apply to women. A strong pelvic floor also contributes greatly to the ability to orgasm in men. The sarcastic saying that bodybuilders often hear: “But there is a muscle that you can’t train!” Is not true at all …

Lifting muscle training for men and their orgasm

Try to lift the penis and testicles a little by contracting the pelvic floor muscles. Sometimes it helps to put a finger on the area between the scrotum and anus. This is where you can feel most clearly how the muscle contracts. Tension in the abdomen disappears with the rocking squat: go into a deep squat, keep your heels on the floor and take your elbows between your knees. Now rock your lower body back and forth a little. Children really enjoy doing this – unfortunately as an adult you forget how pleasant it was. Of course, you don’t need to limit the individual training to pure gymnastics. One can (and should) also rehearse the “emergency”, ie the orgasm.

Masturbation (self-satisfaction) – sex and orgasm with yourself

Masturbation, also known as masturbation, is a great way to get to know your own body better, to relieve tension and to stay sexually fit. Unobserved and uninhibited, you can try out which sexual stimuli you respond to the most. And you can imagine being animated by it, pampering a partner. For many people, masturbation is not a second-rate substitute, but a valuable addition to orgasm and sex with the partner. A tip: You should definitely tell your partner what you found particularly pleasurable while masturbating. Almost three quarters of all women orgasm when they masturbate. With the partner during sex, however, the orgasm only works for almost one in three. If he only knew what “turns on” his wife or girlfriend, the percentage would certainly be higher …

Love is a lonely thing, it says in an English love song. But only individual exercises in terms of sex and orgasm would be a bit of a shame. The crowning glory of the orgasm training is of course the partner exercises – the sex! The exercises below are for couples who are having trouble orgasming during sex and who have decided together to do something about it. The first and arguably most important step to success here is a thorough discussion. Tell yourself honestly everything that bothers you, what you want and what fears and inhibitions you have. But don’t blame each other, it won’t help. Approach each other in a loving and relaxed manner and pour out your hearts to each other.

After five days without sex together to orgasm

Do the exercises in the specified order and only one per day as a training for the desire for sex and orgasm. You must not have sex during the five-day exercise period! Otherwise you have to start all over again …

First day without sex

Take a quiet hot bath or shower with your partner. Soap each other with pleasure, dry each other off, comb each other’s hair and then gently cream each other with a lotion or skin oil.

Second day without sex

Massage your partner with perseverance and feeling. Starting with the toes, working down to the knees and the inside and outside of the leg region. Then the hands, arms (again inside and outside) and shoulders, and finally the back and neck. Then nothing!

Third day without sex

Caress the partner gently with the whole palm, then with your fingertips. If you want, you can carefully and gently pluck your partner’s skin, but only in the same places as on the 2nd day!

Fourth day without sex

Kiss him / her like you did the first time. Do you still remember it? Your partner can still do it. Do everything the same way you did then. Are you a little embarrassed? Have no concerns – wasn’t it like that back then?

Fifth day without sex

Now you can finally caress each other anywhere, for at least an hour. But really just caress, nothing more. Even if it might be difficult to slow down.

And what happens on the sixth day? You surely guessed it … Finally the longed-for sex and probably the longed-for orgasm too

Have you reached your goal and now want to know how such an orgasm actually works? In women, after a phase of slowly increasing excitement, the plateau phase is reached, immediately afterwards the first contractions take place, up to the peak of pleasure – up to orgasm. The man reacts similarly, but the arousal and calming curves are steeper.

All about orgasm

Did you know, that…

  • … women also have an erection during sex? The clitoris straightens up and becomes hard. Erectile dysfunction (the inability to erect) leads to real impotence in women too.

  • … some women even ejaculate during sex? During orgasm, you expel a secretion from the urethra that is transparent and thick like egg white.

  • … not every man who ejaculates during sex also has an orgasm? In men, ejaculation and orgasm are more closely linked than in women, but they do not necessarily have to occur together.

  • … the inability to orgasm, so-called “frigidity”, is the most common reason for a lack of interest in sex in women and men?

  • … according to a study by the Hamburg GEWIS Institute, men with strong body hair are more likely to have several orgasms in a row than those with weak hair?

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