Tragic news from Sweden. The Slovak national team drowned in the lake – Other – Football – Sport

Very sad news has arrived in Slovakia. The futsalist who was a member of the wider cadre of the national team – Vladimír Mudrík – tragically died. It happened in Sweden while swimming in a lake.

The player of the Ostrava club, who came from the village of Skalité in Kysucie, went to Sweden to work. He worked in a company that focuses on the construction industry. He was in northern Europe even during the coronary crisis.

“I’ve had enough. Of course, I miss my family, it’s all wrong. The worst part is that I have no way back. I have a permanent residence in Slovakia, but I have been living in the Czech Republic with my wife for some time, “said Mudrík in an April interview for MY Kysuce.

Mudrík also attracted the attention of the coaches of the Slovak national team, who took him to a training camp in Italy, where the team played several preparatory fights with Italian clubs. However, he did not sign the official start in the Slovak national jersey.

“There are news that are not easy for us to write to us. And this one, unfortunately, is one of them. .

On behalf of the entire section, we would like to express our sincere condolences to the family and all loved ones in this way. Vlado, take care of yourself up there! We already miss you very much, “the management of futsal Baník wrote on its website.

In the emotional video, his sister Vlasta and his wife Petra also said goodbye to Mudřík:

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