Tracked for drugs, “burning” for the murder of Perunicic? Details of the arrest of a Belgrader in Marbella Chronicle

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Four Serbian citizens suspected of a crime in Marbella were detained in Spain

FOR the murder of Miloš Peruničić (41), a month ago in Marbella, the Spanish police suspected and arrested Nemanja Simić (22), Nikola Dević (33) and Duško Šćekić (29) in Barcelona. During the apprehension, they had false Croatian documents with them, but it was determined that they were Serbian citizens, originally from Montenegro.

A fourth person, who was handcuffed in Marbella, was released to defend himself. According to unofficial information, he is charged with providing logistics and assistance in hiding after the liquidation to the organizers of the crime. He is also from this area.

All four were arrested earlier this week as part of a larger police operation, because they were monitored for a long time due to drug trafficking. In parallel with that investigation, the investigation of the execution in the luxurious part of the popular Spanish summer resort was carried out.

– The analysis of mobile telephony base stations led to the names of possible perpetrators – states our source from the investigation. – Their movements were monitored and then it was determined that they were in Marbella on critical days. Surveillance camera footage from some facilities was also reviewed and their movements before, during and after the murder were reconstructed to some extent.

Perunicic was killed while returning home from the store. The killers approached him at a pedestrian crossing and fired a dozen shots at him, from a weapon with a silencer, six of which hit him. He was dead on the spot. The attacker then fled on a “Kawasaki” motorbike, on which an accomplice was waiting for him.

KILLED Miloš Peruničić

The Spanish police presented a possible motive for Perunicic’s liquidation, and the conflict between Kotor’s criminal clans is mentioned. However, the possibility is not ruled out that the conflict between him and the opposing team was due to drug trafficking.

Perunicic was born in Bar, but lived in Belgrade until 2013, when he moved to Spain. There he used a false identity and papers. He had forged BiH documents in the name of Slavisa Zdravkovic.

It was written about him that he was close to the bar clan, more precisely to the leaders Alan Kožar and Jovan Đurović. Through them, he was allegedly connected with the scalping “team”. On the Iberian Peninsula, he very quickly got into the “business” with drugs. Spanish police tracked him down very quickly and he was arrested for the first time in this country on September 11, 2014. He and two Spaniards were accused and convicted of smuggling 31 kilograms of cocaine. The prosecution asked for 13, but in the end, he received six years in prison.

Spanish media reported from the prison in Botafuegos in Algeciras, that he had good behavior, without incidents, which is why he had certain privileges, which included frequent appearances on free weekends. Last year, he was released from serving his sentence and moved into a luxury apartment in the elite part of Marbella, where he was killed a year later.


MILOS Perunicic was born in Montenegro, and was first arrested in Serbia during the 2003 Saber police operation. He was suspected of stealing cars with Zeljko Milovanovic, aka Gavra and Crveni Vetar. Both were released from custody very quickly, and on December 25 of the same year, they were arrested again, 45 minutes after they stole a million dinars from the Belgrade branch of Delta Bank. He was serving a six-year prison sentence for robbery in the Sremska Mitrovica Penitentiary.