Tourism Authority of Thailand Prachuap encourages sitting on a two-row trip to La-Ochim forest – see durian garden – innnews

Tourism Authority of Thailand Prachuap Khiri Khan office brings tourists to take a minibus Visiting La-do Forest, the first durian garden of Rai Pa Suan That Somdej Ya gave the first durian tree to be planted in La-U forest, Pa Pa-shuan in the year 1966 by bringing tourists to visit the first and other durian gardens. Pa La-u Durian There is a specialty of durian when ripe. There will be no strong smell Soft and crispy Each pool has small granules. Eaten without fiber in the durian meat Probably because of the natural weather And moisture After that, stop by to buy durian at Pa La-U Plantation.

And continue with the good work Pa La-u Durian And Good Products, Huai Sat Yai Yai District, 8th “at the OTOP Product Center Huay Sat Yai Sub-district, Hua Hin District, among various agencies Many honored guests and tourists participated in the La La-Durian durian. And bought back as a souvenir The said event is organized annually with the support of agencies and the private sector. In order to promote the tourism of Hua Hin District, promote agricultural products to be widely accepted and build confidence for consumers in buying community products, creating income for the community. This Dee’s event takes place only between 2-6 July.