Toto Wolff on the DAS system: We think we are right

Toto Wolff said that the results of the upcoming Austrian Grand Prix should not be revised due to a possible protest against the DAS system, the legality of which is rivaled by Mercedes rivals.

The head of Red Bull Racing Christian Horner has already confirmed that they are awaiting clarification from the FIA ​​about the ingenious engineering solution, because next year such systems will definitely be banned. Since the DAS system at the beginning of the Austrian weekend was installed on the machines of the champion team, it was one of the topics of today’s press conference with the participation of top officials of the teams.

“We want clarity about this system, as it will influence the events of the season,” commented Horner. – Next year, this decision will be outlawed, but the question is, can it be used this year? We address it to the FIA, using the appropriate channels for this. ”

“We respect Christian’s position,” Wolff responded. – It is always helpful to get clarification. We believe that they are right. Now there is an intensive exchange of information with the FIA. Therefore, the DAS system is installed on our machine. Now both sides put forward their arguments, and it will be seen there. ”

According to the head of Mercedes, it is important that this whole situation does not affect the results of the Austrian stage of the championship, with which the season begins this year: “This is the first race, and, on the one hand, the desire to get an explanation is quite fair, on the other hand, in my opinion “I don’t want Sunday to end with a serious trial.”