»Formula 1 starts with many unknowns

The shortened Formula 1 season will start with races on the track in Spielberg in Austria on July 5 and 12, instead of in Melbourne, 16,000 kilometers away.

Four months after the inaugural race was canceled at the last minute, the Formula 1 season finally starts this weekend. Not only on a different continent than planned for the start (Australia), but also in a world that is no longer the same as a few months ago and where everything looks different.

There will be no fans on the track in Spielberg, Austria, and due to the coronavirus, it is still uncertain how long the race can take place this season and where everything is.

These are certainly not the only unusual circumstances for the start of this season, since they have F1 drivers are largely “socially engaged“And consider ways to support fight against racism. Among them is the idea to kneel before the first race in this year’s championship, in support of the movement. Black lives metter.

The coronavirus pandemic caused the first planned race in March, the Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park, to be canceled just two days before its start. A dozen other races, including the Grand Prix of Monaco, the Grand Prix of Spain, Canada and France, have also been canceled for this season.

The “rescue package” with eight European races “packed” in ten weeks should end with the Italian Grand Prix in Monza on September 6. In F1, they still hope to hold 15 to 18 races out of the scheduled 22 for the current season. The title is of course defended by Luis Hamilton from Mercedes.

Although the trail in Spielberg, Austria is far from all major cities, strict health and safety measures have nevertheless been established. There will be no audience, and all who enter the track, including significantly reduced number of media representatives, must have a negative finding on COVID-19. Formula 1 teams will not be able to hang out with each other, neither on the track nor off it, while they will drivers hold press conferences via video link and with pre-sent questions (see from our president and crisis headquarters therefore).

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all team and factory activities were halted, and in previous weeks teams had mini-tests in which members learned new regulations to protect against covid infection, while drivers mostly trained driving old cars.

It’s hard to describe the feeling in Australia when we were told to go home. Accept that there is no racing for so long… Now it is nice to come back and there were no feelings. The emotion of a racing weekend. That adrenaline was especially lacking, the feeling that you were “pushing” the car to the limit“, Said the driver of the Mercedes Valteri Botas.

I missed him a lot. First I worked on the simulator, so I got bored, and I did a few days on the track and was very happy. But, of course, it is not a Formula 1 car“, Said the first Red Bull driver Max Stopping.

You can watch live broadcasts of unofficial trainings, qualifications and races on Sunday at Sport Club 1 as of today.

Source: Hot tires