»Ford F-150 moves into the future with a new design and brutal technology

Megalomania is a term that has been driving, or motivating, the American economy for decades. After 43 years of best-selling status in the segment, the new Ford F-150 is designed to be the most robust and productive model in the history of this model.. At Ford, they point out that it is 100% made in America, which is another way to package Trump’s slogan “let’s buy domestic”.

The exterior of the 14th generation (!?) F-150 does not differ dramatically from the model we all knew well in previous years. However, enough obvious changes have been made both in the design of the exterior and in the interior of one of the most popular pickups of all time.

It is basically a steel chassis on which an aluminum alloy shell is mounted, made according to the standards for military vehicles. Since personalization is imperative, Ford offers a choice of as many as 11 grill options for the new F-150.

This year’s edition of F one hundred and fifty sets new standards in the segment in terms of aerodynamics. In addition to the active trailer locking system, the new cab and box geometry, there is also an air “dam” that activates automatically. All of these elements work together to improve fuel consumption figures as well as other performance through optimal air cutting.

The only powertrain that Ford initially announced was the all-new 3.5-liter V6 PowerBoost hybrid, which will be available in all variants of the F-150 offer, from XL to Limited versions. This powertrain combines Ford’s proven EcoBoost unit with electric motor of 47 hp integrated in the transmission. Recuperative braking is included as part of the drive assembly to allow recharging 1.5 kWh lithium-ion batteries. It is connected of course with a 10-speed automatic SelectShift gearbox calibrated for rough operation. With a full fuel tank this powertrain allows driving range of over 1,125 kilometers.

The new F-150 is capable of towing a trailer with a total weight of up to 5.5 tons.

Power in the new F-150 doesn’t just matter under the hood. The so-called Pro power onboard the option allows the pick-up to be a movable generator for electricity on construction sites, in campsites or for everyday life. With sockets both in the cab and in the box, this system allows the batteries of tools to be recharged on electricity and the like while driving between two jobs.

Many significant changes have been made to the interior and technology of the legendary pickup. For example, a pair of 4-inch digital gauges comes standard with two analog gauges, while the XL and XLT standard and mid-range models also use a new 8-inch touchscreen multimedia system screen. The more expensive XLT high series and other variants in the full equipment have an integrated 12-inch infotainment screen. The digital instrument panel is available in 8 or 12.3 inch configurations. The new generation of SYNC 4 Ford multimedia system provides access to databases of 10,000 hours of streaming material, satellite radio, music-free music channels, live programs, news and content recommended by Ford’s media team.

In an effort to make the new F-150 a highly functional and virtually mobile office, Ford has integrated on the center console optional Interior Work Surface (Interior work surface) that provides fantastic work space, while the vehicle is parked of course. The even greater practicality of this small truck was also influenced by adding special seats Mak Recline which are available on F-150 editions King Range, Platinum i Limited. These seats can be folded down to almost 180 degrees, with the lower part fitting with the back, and the upper support turning forward up to 10 degrees for maximum comfort.

Finally, Ford reports that on special sections of the highway through the United States and Canada, The F 150 allows autonomous driving with virtually no hands on the steering wheel. This is provided by a system of cameras in the vehicle that monitor the position of the driver’s head and the direction of his eyes. When the software estimates that the driver is monitoring the situation on the road, it will reward him with a relaxed ride without the need to engage the steering wheel. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it?

We will not bother you with prices and market details, we will leave you to enjoy this multifunctional legendary monstrosity, with the hope that at least some copies will appear somewhere in Europe.

Source: Hot tires