Top 3 recommended content for Netflix [이한래]

‘Would you like to see this?'(Lee Han-rae) introduces only the top 3 horror contents (TOP) among Netflix contents.

For those who are tired of the heat, this time, we have prepared the top 3 recommendations for horror contents that are just creepy.

Watch the recommended movie and forget the heat.


A farmer lives in Nebraska, USA. His wife did not like this country. He wants to move out to the city, but his husband is not happy with such a wife. The two’s disagreement was not narrowed, and eventually the son had a choice. The husband convinces a son who doesn’t want to go to the city to kill his wife. The two throw their wife’s body into a well and make a perfect alibi. The two were peaceful for a while, but the peace did not last long. The son’s girlfriend is pregnant and the son is away. The husband left alone at home continues to suffer the trauma that killed his wife. What will this family end?

‘1922’ can be difficult to see as an authentic horror. But the scene depicting Thomas Jane’s psychology of the protagonist Will Fred is horrifying. You can feel the deep psychological fear of the inner human.

The film is based on Stephen King’s’A Midnight Without Stars’ novel. It contains the contents of typical causal retribution, so the ending is somewhat predictable.

However, if you can feel the fear in the part that describes the psychology of an individual with trauma, he has also been highly praised for his directing.

◆In the high grass

The main character Becky is a pregnant woman. He is being abandoned by his boyfriend Travis and is on the way to adopt an older brother, Carl and a child. Then he pauses for a moment in the morning sickness, and hears a boy’s request for help in the nearby grass. Somehow it looks shaky, but Becky and Carl go into the grass. The two soon get lost. Then he meets the boy Tobin, who asked for help in the woods. In addition, Becky’s boyfriend Travis meets. This grassy forest is a maze-like forest that constantly moves in the order of people entering. Can people escape safely from this strange grass?

This film is also based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name. Unlike 1922, it is chilled with a strangely dismal and multi-direction production and story development. In particular, there are many scenes that mean pregnancy, adoption, and abortion. After watching, it is a better movie if you talk about your appreciation with others around you.

◆Plural Apostles

Thomas, a devout Catholic, who has lost faith, is kidnapped by pseudo-religion and asked for a ransom, before going to an island with kidnappers. The island had three pseudo-bishops called “prophets” and served the goddess of the island. When they ran out of money, they kidnapped Thomas’ sister and tried to rip it off. It is a curfew that cannot go outside at night, but Thomas searches the island to save his brother. In the meantime, she threatens Jeremy, who was secretly dating, to become an assistant, and discovers the secret of the island. What is the secret of the island and can Thomas rescue his brother and escape the island?

This movie reminds me of OCN’Rescue’. ‘Rescue’ also tells the story of the protagonist who rescues people in a pseudo group. However, the’Apostle of Revenge’ has a goddess like a plant, and a supernatural phenomenon also occurs. In addition, it is cruel enough to think that the pseudo-jubilees are treating people as horrors beyond horror movies.

‘The Apostle of Revenge’ is outstanding in its workability so that it has been nominated for the top prize in the official Fantastic Competition at the 51st Sitges Film Festival. However, in overly brutal scenes, the disagreement is clearly divided.

Reporter Bokjin Lee [email protected]

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