Top 10 Linux Distributions

We take a look at the operating systems in the list of 10 most popular Linux distributions of 2020.

Linux is an open source operating system kernel. As you know, Linux is an operating system kernel, not a stand-alone operating system. Linux distributions are made as a real operating system by adding additions to this kernel and adding side software. Today, Linux distributions have been frequently preferred due to the interest in open source, researchers and those who are looking for a free environment. In this article DistroWatch Using the data on it, we will look at the 10 most popular Linux distributions.

DistroWatch; open source software, Linux and BSD based operating systems. Established on May 31, 2001, the site is also one of the most popular sites in the Linux world. In this article, we will use the 6-month data on DistroWatch.

Here are the 10 most popular Linux versions by 2020:

  • MX Linux
  • Manjaro
  • Linux Mint
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Elementary OS
  • Only
  • Fedora
  • Pop! OS
  • Zorin

10 – Zorin

10th place Zorin It is a distribution that attracts users with its clean interface that allows you to easily configure the distribution to be similar to Windows and Mac systems. This distribution, which comes with the GNOME desktop environment by default, uses Snappy as its package manager. Minority is the main focus of this distribution.

9 – Pop! OS

Pop! OS A distribution developed by the US computer manufacturer System76. It is a bit more prominent than its other distributions with its driver support, ease of use and elegance. This distribution comes with the GNOME desktop environment and APT package manager by default. Ubuntu built on Pop! OS It is also a very good distribution in terms of updating.

Top 10 Linux distributions in DistroWatch

8 – Fedora

This eighth place on our list is financed by CentOS and RHEL developer Red Hat. Fedora Project is being developed by. A distribution that has been loved by users since its inception Fedorauses GNOME as the default desktop environment and RPM as the package manager.

Top 10 Linux distributions in DistroWatch

7. Snap

It is prepared in accordance with both home and business environment. Linux most of the distribution Linux like distribution Ubuntu not based. The developers preferred to build directly on the kernel, instead of putting it on top of other distributions. Solus, which comes with a desktop environment called Budgie, also has GNOME, Mate, KDE Plasma options. As a package manager, one of the world-class package management software Turkish made PiSi Used.

Turkey’s operating system emerging with the goal of being Pardus developed as a package manager in a popular distribution such as Solus. pisstoday unfortunately Pardus not used by.

Top 10 Linux distributions in DistroWatch

6 – elementary OS

One of the most popular distributions elementary OS more macOSIt draws attention with its similarity to. It is a popular distribution for users due to its stylish design and customizable structure. This Linux distribution using Pantheon as the desktop environment, as a package manager Debian uses DPKG, the package manager.

Top 10 Linux distributions in DistroWatch

5 – Debian

On the fifth place in our list Debian One of the Linux distributions that stands out with its fast and stable. Debian, which is one of the oldest among the distributions and started to be developed in 1993, is very popular. It is one of the operating systems preferred in many workloads such as home use, business use, and server use.

We can say that this distribution, which is the basis of the distributions such as Ubuntu, Mint, Pardus distribution today, is also very rich in terms of package in the warehouse. DPKG as the package manager, the default desktop environment is GNOME Debian distribution will always be free Debian Social Contract is also committed to.

Debian also has distributions based on two different system cores built on GNU / Hurd and GNU / Linux.

Top 10 Linux distributions in DistroWatch

4 – Ubuntu

Ubuntu, What we would be amazed to see in the top 10 Linux distributions list in DistroWatch is a spider web that covers almost every place in terms of usage.

Canonical and Ubuntu This Linux distribution developed by the community; Due to its simplicity towards the end user, its stability for business or server use and its abundance of resources, it is frequently preferred. The distribution uses DPKG as the GNOME desktop environment and package manager.

Built on Debian Ubuntuin terms of package as well Debianis one of the operating systems that take advantage of its richness.

Also, this distribution Ubuntu community and Canonical developed and supported by Xubuntu, Kubuntu, lubuntu There are also derivatives such as. Some of these distributions stand out with their lightness, while others are known for using different desktop environments.

Top 10 Linux distributions in DistroWatch

3 – Linux Mint

Linux Mint at least as famous as Ubuntu. It stands out with its similarity to Windows, elegance and suitability for the end user. Mint started to be developed in 2006; Cinnamon uses the default desktop environment and DPKG as the package manager.

There are also versions using KDE, Mate, XFCE desktop.

Top 10 Linux distributions in DistroWatch

2 – Manjaro

Arch Linux based, lightweight and stable distribution Manjaro a very popular distribution. Arch LinuxDespite the difficulty of installation in its pure form, Manjaro offers users a very enjoyable and easy installation experience. This beautifully updated distribution package uses Pacman as its package manager.

As a desktop environment, it offers multiple options to users such as XFCE, KDE, GNOME.

Top 10 Linux distributions in DistroWatch

1 – MX Linux

MX LinuxRanks first in the list of top 10 Linux distributions in DistroWatch. This distribution, based on Debian and supported by XFCE, is at the top in terms of popularity with a rapid rise.

Top 10 Linux distributions in DistroWatch


Windows the world Linux In this article, which we prepared to get ideas for those who want to pass, we examined the top 10 distributions on DistroWatch. Each of these distributions has its own communities, documents and lovers. Therefore, we can say that they are quite rich in resources. You can try one of these distributions according to yourself.