The show Ljubezen po domače is full of upheavals, ravs and tears this year, and the host skilfully navigates among the rural seekers of love and their emotions. Tanja Postružnik Koren. For her, autumn is a particularly interesting time of year, as, as she says, it is a mailbox: “I am a collector not only of medicinal herbs, but also of everything else that nature has to offer throughout the year.” She loves to collect tea pots; he dries and mixes them, and drinks his teas all year round. She has been interested in herbalism since childhood, as a child she read books about her grandmother’s herbs and their healing properties have fascinated her since primary school. She calls herself an “urban Pehta.” As a real picker, he also always has a basket or at least a paper bag with him, where he can store the collected herbs, if he sees them on the way, for example when riding a bicycle.


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With her dog Lux, who accompanies her on nature trails.

On her way, she is accompanied by the dog Lux, an Australian Shepherd, so they joke that she is like Pehta with her dog Volk. For Lux, she says she knows everything but talking, and has been her faithful companion and listener for years. He accompanies her during walks, runs, hikes in the mountains or on her beloved Pohorje.