Today, Liberec footballers can secure European cups

Updates: 05.07.2020 01:01

Prague – The elite group of the superstructure of the first football league is on the program today from 17:00 on the penultimate fourth round. It is already clear about the first two places that will be occupied by the defenders of the Slavia and Pilsen trophies. The third Sparta already has the certainty to participate in the European Cups and the fourth Liberec can also get it after this round.

Slovan welcomes the champion Slavia and tries to knock out Wednesday’s 1: 2 defeat in the final of the home cup with Sparta. The Liberec team will gain the certainty of participating in the qualification of the European League, if they already defeat a certain champion from Eden and Jablonec also loses in Sparta. However, Slovan has not won over Slavia in the highest competition six times in a row and he will also miss several key players.

Jablonec did not win four consecutive rounds and dropped to fifth place, which means participation in the qualifying match for the European League with the group’s winner for Europe. After the last 0: 4 defeat in Slavia, the North Bohemians will try to pick up the second of Prague’s “S” Sparta, which won the winning trophy in the final of the cup after six years on Wednesday and is sure to start in the 3rd preliminary round of the European League.