tips to better enjoy the warmer season

Green light in the sun also for pregnant women, but with a few more precautions. In fact, if it is true that vitamin D is precious for the body and for the healthy development of the fetus, it is equally true that the skin in pregnancy becomes more sensitive.

«Beyond what you might think» explains Dr. Daniela Galliano, gynecologist and expert in reproductive medicine, Director of IVI Roma “The period in which greater caution is needed in sun exposure is the first trimester of pregnancy. In fact, it is precisely the first three months in which insolation, excessive fatigue or dehydration could compromise the development of the fetus. In the second trimester it is good to keep high caution, also to avoid the appearance of sun spots and to make permanent, after childbirth, that dark line, which is created on the abdomen. The third quarter is the most peaceful for sunbathing but requires other measures. The growth of the baby bump, in fact, could cause a little weight in the legs, but no problem because just take a few more baths and a few walks in the water to give relief to the circulatory and lymphatic system. »

“To avoid the appearance of cloasmi, or sun spots on the body and face, it is good to use high protection sun creams and avoid exposure to the sun in the hottest hours”, continues Daniela Galliano. «In general, pregnant women must face the heat with caution, since the hormonal variations to which they are subject lead to dilation of the blood vessels, which causes an increase in sweating and perception of heat. Avoiding the hottest hours and allowing yourself moments in the shade are small tricks that allow you to avoid those annoying heat-related health problems such as cramps, edemas or fainting, throughout pregnancy. » “In this regard – continues Dr. Galliano – it is essential to keep the body hydrated to restore the mineral salts and liquids lost through sweating, not only by drinking two liters of water a day, but also by paying particular attention to nutrition . In addition to avoiding unadvised foods such as raw fish, seafood, meat and undercooked eggs, it is advisable to favor foods rich in water and vitamins such as fruit and vegetables, always peeled and well washed. »

«As for the sun on the belly – concludes Dr. Galliano – especially in the first six months it is good to try to avoid it by choosing one-piece swimsuits and using sarongs and sheets. In fact, even if one of the functions of amniotic fluid is to keep the internal temperature constant, it is better to avoid direct sun on the belly and overheating of the body, which could cause unnecessary stress to the fetus. »