Primorska singer and flutist Tinkara Kovac she is also very creative during quarantine, even though she has two daughters at home, Galo in Almo, both elementary school students, who of course study at a distance. But because they do their homework in the morning, they have more time for family, and Tinkari also for work: teaching, which of course takes place at a distance, and creating new music. Thus, at the end of the year, she released a new song that carries an interesting story of collaboration and creation, as she paid homage to the legacy of Italian popular music and created her own interpretation of a song written by an Italian singer-songwriter. Bindi, will be released on an album dedicated to two Italian singer-songwriter giants Bindi and Weather in Bassignanu. “He wished he had at least one of my interpretations on it; this will also be the only song on this album in the Slovenian language. He entrusted me with the song, and that’s how O, morje was created, which will of course also be included on the album Infinity. “


The release of the announced album was crossed by the crown last spring, but otherwise Tinkara is extremely creative and hinted that a double will be created instead of one. Even her theatrical projects, to which she has discovered a passion, are on hold. She told us that she believes the covid-19 came among us after all with some purpose, as it literally turned the world upside down. “We learn to live differently, to live with less,” he says, adding that the virus is not a choice between people and that we could learn something from it.