Tina Kandelaki says that the iPhone is already “not so.” Parsing

Tina Kandelaki wrote Telegram postin which criticizing Apple for recent changes to the iPhone.

In short, the TV presenter is unhappy that Apple can remove the headphones and charging from the iPhone 12 kit.

There are still claims to pricing, iOS 14 and the lack of revolution.

Let’s look at Tina’s arguments and see what’s wrong with them.

At first it was revolutionary and expensive

In 2007, the iPhone went on sale for $ 499. Expensive, but cheaper than competitors. The flagship Nokia N95, released the same year, was worth $750.

Then soundly and expensively

The first iPhone lost in many ways to other devices. Apple quickly fixed all the flaws. In 2010, iPhone 4 was released, which is considered the best smartphone of the decade.

Following and expensive, and not very

In 2017, Apple released the iPhone X for $ 999. The price has risen significantly, while the quality of materials and technologies has also improved by an order of magnitude. You don’t have to go far for examples: so far no one has been able to present a normal analogue of Face ID.

In 2020, most flagships cost like an iPhone, and some are more expensive.

Samsung Galaxy S20 prices in the USA

Despite the high price tag, the iPhone still holds a leading position in various ratings.

He has the most powerful processor in the world, and the camera shoots video better than any other smartphone

Since it’s not “revolutionary” for a long time (Android has too many borrowings in the new OS)

IOS 14 introduced many new features that were not previously available on Android. Among them are App Clips, Car Key, additional privacy settings, sleep mode, headphone adaptation and sound recognition.

Opening and turning on the machine using the iPhone sounds quite revolutionary.

Widgets in iOS 14 are not a new idea, but Apple’s implementation is much better. About it they say even the developers.

I am so happy that I started learning SwiftUI for WidgetKit. It’s so fun! The SwiftUI Solar Wheel port is almost ready. Next and last step: weather data on the wheel.

The company takes a significant step and … removes not only headphones, but also charging из

Tina did not bypass the news that the iPhone 12 may not have headphones and charging.

This was immediately told by several insiders, but do not believe the rumors. Let’s wait for the presentation.

When Apple’s marketers explain this as a green fight, all you have to do is grin

Presumably, by removing bundled headphones and charging, Apple will offset 5G costs and avoid price increases

The rejection of accessories should also significantly reduce the amount of electronic garbage. In recent years, Apple has paid a lot of attention to the environment and is gradually shifting to renewable resources.

The company recycles aluminum and other device components for reuse, and Apple Park headquarters is fully solar-powered.

Of course, I can afford to buy both headphones and charging, but … after all, I can’t buy a phone of another brand either))

Ps Tina, well, since there are so many minuses in the iPhone, why do you go with it? 😉