TikTok for brands: The app gives these tips

For the first time, TikTok is giving brands practical tips on how they can get started on the platform. The app continues to advise all advertisers: “Don’t Make Ads. Make TikToks. “.

TikTok has long since arrived in the mainstream. With over 113 million app downloads, the platform is also becoming increasingly interesting for advertisers. Therefore, the social media company recently launched TikTok for Business. Advertisers can view a large number of case studies on the website, but the advertising platform does not offer any new options for placing ads. There are external advertising tools like that Creator Marketplace, which should facilitate influencer marketing on TikTok or a Self-service advertising platformwhich only selected advertisers have access to. On the Website TikTok for Buisness, the company offers up to the call: “Don’t Make Ads, Make TikToks” to the brands no practical tips – neither for the tools nor for the marketing on the platform.

TikTok emphasizes the unique opportunities for companies

This should change now, because TikTok published on Facebook Tips applicable to brands for the first time. The post says:

From creativity to culture, sound to seamlessness, we’re delighted to offer brands a range of opportunities to connect with the TikTok community. Check out these „distinctively TikTok“ characteristics that make it such a dynamic place for connecting with users, building brands and driving real business results.

The associated graphics should make it easier for companies to get started with TikTok Marketing. But although some applications are recommended, such as the use of sound effects and music, the tips remain vague.

You can see what TikTok Brands advises to get started on the platform in the infographic.

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