This special Russian military vehicle had two governments for non-educational purposes. The special UAZ-469 DIM served as an induction minesweeper for the Hungarian Armed Forces. A structure placed at the front of the vehicle identified hidden explosive devices, used to detect anti-tank and anti-vehicle mines and metal-shell explosives, among other things.

Spatially paved, paved sections: used to clean sidewalks, highways, highways, car parks, runways. The search depth of the sensor is 25 centimeters, the width is 2.2 meters, max. search speed is 10 km / h, but with such a vehicle, obviously no one wanted to race carelessly while working.


The role of the two steering wheels can already be guessed from the structure. In addition to normal steering, the position of the front structure could be influenced within certain limits, this was the responsibility of the second operator.

This UAZ does not have two governments as you might think at first 2


The purpose of this construction was only reconnaissance, ie the structure itself was not suitable for deactivation and destruction. For this purpose, the devices built on the tracked vehicle (shaft tramples) are used, of which the KMT-5M and KMT-6 shaft tramlines (with a shaft reversing plow) were organized at home.

This UAZ does not have two governments as you might think at first 3