This spectacular 305 meter long horizontal skyscraper is in China and is the first of its kind in the world

It is a skyscraper, se llama The Crystal, they have built it in Chongqing and It is located 250 meters high. It is not 250 meters tall, no: is 250 meters high. Its about The world’s first horizontal skyscraper.

That skyscraper It has a length of 305 meters and perches on four skyscrapers connecting with each other. The result is spectacular but it was not cheap: the project budget was $ 4.8 billion.

The first of its kind

This megastructure called The Crystal is part of the call Raffles City Chongqing, a complex of eight buildings in Yunzhong District, central Chongqing.


Construction started in 2013 and completed in 2019but it’s now when access has finally been opened to that horizontal skyscraper that is undoubtedly the differential element of this architectural work.


As we pointed out in March 2019, when we talk about this still unfinished project, The architect responsible for this design es Moshe Safdie, cuya firma -Safdie Architects- had already developed a smimilar concept with the complex Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.


In that case the platform that linked the three buildings was a large horizontal terrace, but in this Chinese complex the idea has gone further, and it is a spectacular passageway with glass and steel ceilings and an elliptical section that houses garden areas and even a spectacular “infinity pool”.


The towers on which it stands they have a series of earthquake isolations that support The Crystal. The complex will have eight skyscrapers where we will find hotels, offices, apartments and entertainment centers.


Inside there are not only various viewpoints and points from which to contemplate the perspective: it is also possible access bars, restaurants and even the hotel lobby It is also located in the complex.

The result is really spectacular, and here is some more images and videos to prove: