When 76-year-old John Hemsworth got into his car one morning, its audio system automatically started playing the disc in the CD player. However, after the first track, a surprising thing happened: the player jumped back to the beginning of the disc and played its opening song again. One more time.

The incident happened again the next day, and then again and again. The old widow tried to switch to the radio, but the device did not recognize this: she switched back to the record and started this song from the beginning:

“I love Jane McDonald anyway, but I’m completely out of it.” – said the man later, who said that he started to break down and was already thinking about going to a psychologist. In the end, he chose a more rational solution: he took the car to a mechanic, who, at the cost of serious struggles, forcibly freed the stuck disc from the player.

It is not known exactly how long the torture lasted. In any case, news of the incident reached the speaker; the 59-year-old singer assured her fans of her deepest sympathy. “I wouldn’t wish this horror on anyone. I’m glad that you can finally listen to something other than me in your car.”