There is no better winter vacation than a hot bath. If all of this is combined with a unique panorama and a wood-burning stove, it’s hard to imagine anything better, apart from the right warming drink and company.

Spacruzzi’s developers, on the other hand, found out how to increase the effect even further. The whole experience was taken out into the open water! Their product is actually a ship, on which they built a hot tub heated by a wood-burning stove. With this, even at the end of the coldest winter day, you can enjoy the sunset rocking on the open water.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčentrepreneur Alex Kanwetz is based on a drop-shaped electric boat that can travel in the foam for up to five hours thanks to the battery. Of course, this largely depends on the environment and weather, but the pack can be easily replaced by hand, so the operating time also increases.

This is the perfect tool for open water relaxation on freezing winter days 2

The hot tub boat is equipped with an internal heating and circulation system to keep the water at the right temperature, as well as a UV and saltwater filtration system. And those who are really brave can splash into the cold water and climb back shivering through the small fold-down ladder.

This is the perfect tool for open water relaxation on cold winter days 3

Where else would this hedonistic entertainment have been invented but in the United States? Kanwetz and his team make the ship’s parts in Nevada and Montana. The floating hot tub, sized for five passengers, will be built in 120 days based on the customer’s specific needs, after paying the roughly HUF 20 million purchase price.