This is the new Siri that comes with iOS 14

The new version of iOS arrives loaded with news in many parts of the system, and Siri is one of them. The assistant Apple has changed inside and out on iOS 14, and it was a necessary change. Although it seems that Siri’s evolution has stagnated in recent years, iOS 14 is a new breath of fresh air.

The Siri news in iOS 14 are visual and knowledge level, since according to Apple they have multiplied by 20 the questions to which it is able to answer in the last three years, however it must continue to evolve to reach Google Assistant or Alexa.

The main news of Siri in iOS 14

Siri now is capable of doing more in iOS 14, and it will not hinder us as much when we consult something, these are the improvements that come with iOS 14.

New interface

It is undoubtedly what draws the most attention from Siri in iOS 14, the assistant will no longer interrupt you by covering the entire screen, it will now appear in a small circle at the bottom of the device. The answers that we ask Siri will appear in the form of cards on the screen.

Siri ios 14

The only downside to this interface, which is present in at least the first beta, is that you cannot interact with the screen when Siri is open. That is, Siri keeps interrupting what you are doing, and this is quite annoying on devices like the iPad. In macOS, curiously, Siri does not interrupt you and you will be able to ask him anything while you follow your own, hopefully Apple will improve this in future versions.

It won’t answer with voice if you don’t want

Apple has implemented a very interesting novelty with the responses of Siri in iOS 14. From the settings we can configure that Siri only responds with the voice when we activate it by “Hey Siri”, as long as we have the silent mode activated. If we hold down the side button Siri will not speak, only the text will appear on the screen. This is great since there may be times when we don’t want you to talk to us.

To activate this new way of interacting with Siri, you must go to your iPhone to Settings> Siri> Siri Answers. In the voice response section select only with “Hey Siri”.

More natural language

Siri has evolved over the years towards a much more natural language and with iOS 14 this function will improve in different English-speaking regions (Australia, India, Ireland, South Africa, United Kingdom) and with French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.

In addition phrase translation using Siri has also been improved, Apple has expanded the list of supported translation languages ​​to over 65 different languages ​​in iOS 14.

Siri ios 14 iphone translator

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Share arrival

Apple Maps has a very useful feature called Share Arrival. By putting a route in Maps we can share the arrival with any of our contacts and you will be able to see at all times where we are going and how much time we have left to reach our destination.

Now we can access this function and share it from Siri, so we won’t have to distract ourselves by touching anything on the iPhone. Our contacts will receive a notification to see the route of our trip updated in real time. If the contact does not have at least iOS 13.1 or has an Android phone, they will receive a message with the expected arrival time and automatic updates if it changes.

Best answers

Although this is quite relative, it seems that Siri is now able to answer numerous questions, 20 times more compared to 3 years ago. Apple reported that it is now able to better analyze the web for these answers. However, it is true that it is not something exclusive to iOS 14, Siri probably improves in a similar way in the rest of operating systems.

Siri continues to improve, though there is still a long way to go. Apple’s assistant is still unable to follow a more or less stable conversation and without offering as many answers as its competitors, hopefully we will soon see an important leap in terms of its capacity.