It has been rumored for some time about the renewal of the traditional AirPods, those that do not have the tagline Pro and that they continue to maintain the design and practically the functionalities since they hit the market in December 2016. However, Apple is given to the revolutionary designs that change the industry, it was not going to be less with the AirPods.

This leaked production line photo reveals the AirPods 3’s design and it all fits the rumors. Let’s take a look at these new third generation AirPods that make it clear to us a certain renewal in the external appearance.

This leak comes from 52Audio, a specialized web portal that comes from the Asian giant in which we have been able to see only one photograph but which is quite revealing in terms of what we expect from the next generation of AirPods. If we take into account that the upper part that rests on the ear has changed its “external” design to look a lot like the AirPods Pro We can imagine that either they will adapt to the requirements of active noise cancellation, or they will simply bet on passive noise cancellation, although this will undoubtedly be regretted by lovers of the original AirPods, among whom I find myself.

We are not clear if the AirPods 3 will have the H2 chip that improves latency and battery and connectivity capabilities, although clearly being a next-generation product, it is expected that we will find this hardware inside. As for the “tail” or the lower leg of the AirPods, everything indicates that their total length will also be reduced to make them somewhat lighter. Nothing is known about the price but it will be below the $ 250 that AirPods Pro cost, and the presentation date will be for March of this year 2021.