iOS 16 Concept

Apple opened the ban on rumors about its new operating systems at the time it confirmed its WWDC22. iOS 16, watchOS 9 or iPadOS 16 are some of the systems most anticipated by users who will begin testing developers in beta mode in June. There are many rumors about them and this has only just begun. That is why we have collected everything we think we know about iOS 16, the next operating system for the iPhone and iPod Touch, which will be presented on June 6 by Tim Cook and his team at the opening keynote of WWDC22.

iOS 16: a long-awaited system due to the great unknowns

The WWDC22 will take place in telematic format from June 6 to 10, 2022. In this conference, the main innovations at the software level in front of thousands of developers. Minutes after the official presentation of the event and the new operating systems, the first betas for developers are released. Weeks later, public betas arrive for users who sign up for the public beta program.

There is many unknowns behind iOS 16 which will be cleared on June 6. However, the rumors are telling us where the operating system is headed and its main novelties. One of those unknowns is iOS 16 compatibility. That is, which iPhones will be compatible with the update and which ones will be left out of the update cycle. Rumors suggest that iPhone 6S, 6S Plus and SE 1st generation could be left out of the update after 6 years in a row of updates.

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WWDC 22 will take place from June 6 to 10 in telematic format

At the design level, a radical change like the one we saw with iOS 7 is not expected. Gurman comments on this in his weekly newsletter at Bloomberg which ensures that iOS 16 will have great changes associated with notifications and health aspects quite in the vein of watchOS 9 and the future Apple Watch Series 8.

The next point is the news related to functionalities within iOS 16. There has been much speculation that the main course could come with notification management. Apple has been making changes to the notification system for years, but it seems that it is not entirely satisfied with the result. It is clear that we will see changes in notifications.

Also, as we have mentioned, there will be news in the Health section and the bases for rOS, the operating system that future virtual reality glasses from Apple will carry.