Gucci is 100 years old and one of the most famous fashion brands in the world has chosen a special way to celebrate. They turned to Hot Wheels, known for their toy cars, for help.

The Gucci was tangential, but it had something to do with driving: in 1982, the Gucci Cadillac Seville was created, a concentrated highlight of the signs of the era and the brand. The white car was not technically touched, but there were hardly any untouched points in the passenger compartment, and the paintwork also changed.

Gucci and Hot Wheels reached back to this centenary with this car: they reproduced the Cadillac in a 1:64 scale, which will go on sale in a limited number of copies in a week.

This dressed Cadillac 2 is only 37 thousand forints

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This dressed Cadillac 3 is only 37 thousand forints

The Gucci Cadillas, which are hidden in the decorative packaging, will cost $ 120 per piece, converted into HUF 37,500. The price also includes a transparent acrylic cage, which protects the car from external influences, so it can always shine in its most beautiful splendor – even if not in the garage, on a shelf for sure.