iPadOS Weather App

iPadOS arrived as its own operating system for the iPad a few years ago. However, until then iOS was adapted to the needs of all iDevices with the aim of providing an increasingly complete ecosystem. But there were some limitations. For many years, users have waited for the official Weather application to arrive on the big screen of the iPad. Contrary to expectations, we have never seen a glimmer of hope that Apple will bring the app to the iPad. This new concept shows what the Weather app would look like on iPad and what additional features could be introduced.

Will iPadOS 16 be the update that includes the Weather app for iPad?

This new concept published by Timo Weigelt in Behance sample what the Weather app would look like on iPad. At first glance it looks like a simple copy between the iOS app on a slightly larger screen. However, the small differences that are introduced throughout the concept would give the keys to differentiate the two apps.

First of all, the information blocks could be customized as if they were widgets by adding, for example, ‘rainfall’ or ‘wind direction’. With this function we would allow generate custom time screens based on the data we would like to know at any given time. I also know would introduce a new landscape mode since the official app does not have a landscape design. This design would look great on the iPad screen with a double column design in which the places to consult would be on the right and the weather information on the left.

App weather iPadOS concept

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On the other hand, add new moving maps different from those of wind and precipitation that would provide more information to users. And, finally, a small sign is added that the app would be created through Catlyst, which also would allow bringing the Weather app to the new macOS.