The first consultation he was with Pigeon very satisfied, he was on July 20. According to him at the time, there were practically no differences between the political parties regarding how to act.

In relation to challenges in the field of energy, the government has already taken several measures, from the regulation of petrol and diesel prices at petrol stations outside the motorways, price limits for electricity and gas for households, small business customers and, in the case of gas, also for other groups of protected customers. , to a temporary reduction of VAT on the supply of electricity, natural gas, wood for firewood and district heating and an energy supplement for the most vulnerable.

In addition, the state will help the economy by subsidizing at least 30 percent of energy costs, if energy prices have risen this year by at least twice the average of the previous year. Additional measures have been announced for next year, when expensive energy will be an even bigger problem for the economy.

It has already been announced that intervention in relation to food or general darling. When dealing with high food prices, Prime Minister Golob’s team has decided for now on this soft regulation – to monitor the prices of basic foodstuffs. If necessary, the government should introduce a nutritional supplement after the energy supplement. In addition, last week Golob mentioned the possibility of reducing the VAT for some foods.

In the fall, the government is also expected to prepare new levels of the minimum living costs and, based on them, set a new level of the minimum wage.