they want a renovated Chain Bridge instead of fireworks

According to Zsolt Molnár, the cap-collecting campaign of the MSZP lasted for eight days. The vast majority of the people of the capital do not ask for the festive money.

Thousands of plastic caps gathered in the Socialists’ action in Budapest. The MSZP collected the caps for eight days, with which the people of the capital could vote for fireworks or bridge renovations, MTI writes. Zsolt Molnár reported on the result on Thursday, in a press conference on Facebook: as he said, the people of Budapest voted overwhelmingly in favor of renovating the bridge and rejected the money laundering. The politician pointed out that a few hours earlier “the Fidesz majority of the National Assembly had adopted the budget for revenge, the revenge”, for which in the local elections last year “Budapest and a significant part of the country were not asked, we are not asking for NER and Fidesz power”.

Although the telegraph office did not address this, Molnár called Gergely Karácsony the country’s most legitimate leader, saying no politician had been voted on as personally as the mayor. The socialist politician also recalled that Christmas and several district mayors, from a symbolic location next to the Chain Bridge, had warned Viktor Orbán and the government: the budget now adopted was a let down for people and unacceptable to the local government system.

Molnár reiterated the mayor’s resolution that Budapest would renovate the Chain Bridge even if it did not receive a penny from the government. The government would support the renovation of the bridge with only HUF 6 billion – meanwhile, 6.5 billion would be spent on the August 20 ceremony series and 1.3 billion on the fireworks themselves.

Incidentally, István Hollik, a spokesman for Fidesz, threatened to ask the Orbán cabinet on Friday to take over the management of the Chain Bridge from the capital. The ruling party did not leave Molnár’s press conference without a word either: in a statement sent to the MTI, they called the capital’s left the Tetos, and urged the start of bridge renovation. According to them, there are no financial obstacles to this either, as they provide the said 6 billion and “the capital’s municipality is full of money”, they keep 180 billion in government bonds.
At the same time, Gergely Karácsony made it clear on Thursday that they would not reach the funds held in the bond, as for every forint saved, two forints of loans and liabilities will go to the capital’s coffers – Budapest will also have to settle the HUF 144 billion debt stock inherited from the Tarlós era.