Vale Automotive isn’t a widely known brigade, but it probably won’t stay that way for long. The company has created an eye-catching kit for the Porsche Boxster, inspired by several study cars, such as the Le Mans Living Legend unveiled in 2016 or 919 Street, which debuted a year later, although some may have mistakenly seen the 911 GT1. some similarities.

For the time being, the result can be seen in the detailed rendered images, based on which there will be plenty of new body parts, thus having little in common with the traditional Boxster. The front features brand new headlights and a distinctive bumper with large air intakes and a bright red splitter. He also designed a roof vane for the mid-engined sports car, which the company claims works flawlessly.

On both sides of the Boxster, transformations continue with extended carbon fiber side skirts and interesting wheels that seem to be driving on the wheels already offered by 1016 Industries.

For Porsche, they dreamed of a large, Le Mans-inspired shark fin and an elongated tail wing that is no different from what we can find at the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport, for example. Modifications by Vale Automotive are complemented by LED taillights, a carbon fiber diffuser and two central exhaust pipes.

Based on images uploaded to Instagram, the company has begun work on the first life-size bodykit. They hope to finish work in early January so they can deliver their first bodykits in February. The price of these has not been revealed yet.