On December 31, 2021, around 10 pm, in the yard of a property in Szajla, with an open key, an unknown person tried to take a car, but still drove into the garden pond in the yard and got stuck there. The owner noticed this and questioned the man, who, however, locked himself in the cabin.

The later victim went back to his house to make a phone call, while the man, who turned out to be an acquaintance, fled the scene. The Eger Police Headquarters has launched an investigation into suspected attempts to seize the vehicle arbitrarily.

The Füzesabony Police Headquarters also launched an investigation into a similar case, as an unknown perpetrator took a parked car from the yard of a property in Sarud on New Year’s Eve, but got stuck on foot in a grassy area on one of the streets of the settlement.

Police stressed that in order to avoid similar cases, it is advisable to park the vehicles in a locked state in all cases, and the ignition key is not left in the car even in the area of ​​your own, closed property.