These cars were stolen in 2020 at home

As in previous years, Vezess has now asked police for car theft statistics for 2020. We shoot the point right at the beginning, as this is good news: last year the numbers dropped further.

In 2007, 7,584 vehicles were stolen in Hungary after a decrease of 7,584 in 2007 and a few years later, but since the police set up special units to detect car theft-related criminals in 2014, the decline has continued, and the trend continued last year. continued.

Last year, the ORFK launched an investigation into the theft of significantly fewer motor vehicles – including cars – than in 2019, but the picture is even more positive in a slightly different way: compared to 2018, the numbers have practically halved.

2018 2019 2020
Number of cars circled 771 503 346
Number of vehicles circled 1023 896 540

Not because of the epidemic

In the context of the past year, the question of whether the pandemic had anything to do with change has arisen in virtually every topic, but the police have categorically rejected it: “The number of car thefts committed in Hungary last year was not affected by the coronavirus epidemic” – they answered our question on this.

These brands are stolen the most

Compared to 2019, the “tastes” of thieves haven’t changed much, as a year earlier, last year, Ford, Opel, Suzuki, Volkswagen and Renault models were the most sold – for years please, but unfortunately the police don’t provides data broken down by brand – but it is more interesting that the order does not accurately reflect the proportions of the entire Hungarian car fleet.

According to the CSO’s 2019 data, only the second Opel (almost half a million copies) runs on the theft list on Hungary’s roads, more than 430 thousand from Suzuki, 370 thousand from VW, and “only” 315 thousand from Ford, so in terms of thefts the ‘blue oval’ is clearly overrepresented. Volkswagen last topped the theft list in 2018, while Suzuki has not been on the top for six years now.

Renault is pretty much “in place” on the list (we drive a good 220,000 of them) in Hungary, while the 100,000 Mercedes is still liked by criminals, and they steal more of it.


Stolen cars – pcs

(Issue 2019)

1. Ford 56 (66)
2. Opel 51 (65)
3. Suzuki 40 (51)
4. Volkswagen 29 (47)
5. Renault 23 (42)
6. Mercedes 18 (17)
7. Peugeot 18 (13)
8. Fiat 18 (11)
9. BMW 15 (21)
10. Citroën 13 (10)
11. Audi 11 (17)
12. Volvo 9 (n.a.)
13. Toyota 9 (32)
14. Damage 8 (17)
15. Daewoo 8 (9)
16. Honda 5 (13)
17. SEAT 4 (7)
18. Mitsubishi 4 (9)
19. Mazda 4 (9)
20. Chevrolet 3 (n.a.)

The cars of the other two German premium brands, BMW and Audi, were less stolen last year than in 2019, but most spectacularly, interest in Toyota has fallen among thieves: 32 units were stolen last year, compared to less than a third and nine in 2020.

Although the results are not very representative due to the low number of cases, in addition to Toyota, other Japanese brands such as Honda, Mitshubishi and Mazda have also seen a significant decline, as for some reason Škoda continues to “lose popularity”.

They take the “home” Japanese, the thieves get used to the rest

In 2019, there were even two old “social cars” in good condition that can now be sold at a very serious price in the top20, but last year they could steal at most one or two of them.

The numbers are small, but Peugeot and Citroën seem to have become more ambitious, just as Volvos, which were not even on the previous year’s list, were “crosshairs”.

They take Samson like Ford

In addition to cars, we also received the top 20 of the total car theft from ORFK, which also includes trucks, buses and motorcycles. On the podium, Suzuki overtook Opel thanks to stolen engines (17 units), but it is particularly interesting that in 4th place, a KGST brand, Simson, is on the rise, with almost as many East German motorcycles stolen as Ford cars. As we wrote earlier, like the cars in the eastern block, engines that wear out slowly are stolen just because of their rarity, even for re-use as parts, and can also be sold at a significant profit for western exports.

Brand Stolen vehicles – pcs
1. Ford 66
2. Suzuki 58
3. Opel 56
4. Simson 55
5. Volkswagen 38
6. Yamaha 31
7. Peugeot 28
8. Renault 27
9. Fiat 24
10. Mercedes 23
11. Aprilia 20
12. Honda 17
13. BMW 17
14. Citroën 16
15. Malaguti 15
16. Audi 11
17. Piaggio 10
18. Csepel 10
19. Volvo 9
20. Toyota 9

Yamaha also “spins” at thieves with 31 thefts, but they also carry the Aprilia (20 units) and the two-wheeled Honda (12 units) if they can.

The Hungarian-made Csepel motorcycle is much rarer than the above-mentioned Simson, compared to which the number of thefts of 10 is very high.

Most cars are stolen in and around Budapest

Not a surprise, but let’s just say: the hunting area for car thieves is mostly the capital and the agglomeration (Pest county), the countryside is far behind in this area, there were counties where no cars were stolen last year. In the countryside without Pest county, we can count a total of 116 car thefts, compared to 141 in Budapest.

Below is a list sorted by the number of car thefts, it speaks for itself.

Place of commission Car theft Car theft
Budapest 141 204
Pest county 55 78
Bács-Kiskun county 17 36
Győr-Moson-Sopron County 16 31
Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county 14 25
Fejér county 9 17
Baranya county 8 14
Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok county 8 17
Vas county 8 17
Hajdú-Bihar county 6 10
Heves county 6 11
Somogy County 6 12
Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county 6 10
Komárom-Esztergom County 4 14
Csongrád-Csanád county 3 7
Nograd county 3 6
Tolna county 2 7
Bekes County 0 4
Veszprem County 0 4
Zala county 0 1
Abroad 8 10
Altogether 320 535

In the countryside, it is easier to catch a thief

We also requested data on discovery effectiveness. It is important to note that the so-called it is a follow-up statistic, ie in each case it provides information on the number of procedures already closed; the database contains offenses not according to the time of the offense but according to the date of recording in the statistics.

By 2020, the ORFK calculated a national average of 43.6 for theft and 42% for all car thefts.

These cars were stolen at home in 2020 3

Car was stolen in Zugló, sold in Hatvan – both the car and the thief were sold (

Of course, the most difficult thing for the police is in Budapest (23.8 and 27%), but in Pest county the average has already been brought (43.9, 41.2%). As for the other counties, in addition to the low theft rates, the efficiency was also higher, 67% in Bács-Kiskun, 59% in Győr-Moson-Sopron and 57% in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén. concerning car thefts.

We can also thank ourselves if they take the car

As for the most common theft methods, the ORFK wrote on Vezess’s question:

“The theft methods currently typical in Hungary: theft due to the inattention of the owners using their own ignition key; the perpetrators commit the crime by connecting a diagnostic reader to the OBD (On-board diagnostics) unit after breaking the window glass and programming a raw, so-called smart key; the perpetrators use a signal blocker capable of blocking the GPS installed in the vehicle when committing the theft. ”

These cars were stolen at home in 2020 4

Not everything can be prevented, but at least pay attention to it – illustration (Getty Images)

Great catch in the spring

Vezess also regularly reports on successful police actions against car thieves and organists, but we asked ORFK which catch they are most proud of last year.

In 2020, the action in early May, in which a man from Tatabánya and a man from Budapest were stabbed in connection with the theft of the Honda Civic, was clearly highlighted, and investigators investigated a total of 30 cars, including the Civic, and two trailers, as well as several vehicles. device used to open it.

In July, a man who stole luxury car was arrested in Miskolc, and police found 6.5 kilograms of powdered drug suspicious material, as well as 5 weapons and ammunition, in addition to 11 high-value cars and several motor vehicle masterpieces.

They steal misfortune in the countryside

In connection with the topic, we also contacted our editor, László Vezda, the president of the International Car Hunter Public Benefit Association (NAKE), which has been providing interesting information to the police for years. He said that due to limited financial background, NAKE is currently moderately active – the website will be relaunched sometime, the president says an “outdated” telephone filing plan is planned to be renewed, but it would also cost money – but he was still happy to share his views. -sel.

“Let me start by saying that it is gratifying that the decline and the number of thefts continued last year, which is largely due to the sacrificial and effective work of Colonel Gábor Némedi and the head of the BRFK reconnaissance unit, Colonel Attila Balotai and their staff. coronavirus epidemic “ Began the head of NAKE, who at the time of our conversation did not yet know the exact 2020 police numbers.

“What is somewhat new about the recent period is that while even recently, the old CMO cars, Lada, Wartbugr, have been stolen, this is now gone for some reason.” He said based on his own information, which is confirmed by the above statistics.

It was interesting to note that many cars were taken over the past year in a markedly unorganized setting, but very occasionally: in the countryside, simply “tied up” in front of the house, in the yard for a little “carriage ride” to the – often under the influence of drugs. – young, and then left it somewhere – unharmed at best. “All I can think of is that boredom due to the coronavirus epidemic, the desire for misfortune, gave birth to these cases.” He thought.

These cars were stolen at home in 2020 6

Illustration (Getty Images)

“It’s not car theft, but it’s still a brawl to deal with license plates, some people reassemble the plates from stolen or simply out-of-circulation cars so that they can’t identify them after being taken away from the gas station without pay after refueling.” He added.

We also asked László Vezda about what new car theft methods could gain ground in the near future.

“As for the future, we need to be prepared for the fact that as modern cars become smarter, new theft methods will emerge and spread: hacking is coming, i.e. online burglary into the vehicle’s onboard system – wifi, SIM emergency callers are access points to thieves. I say without a brand name, but I already have a car with a vulnerability in the valve cap through which the entire system can be accessed. ” He explained.

How long does the state of grace last?

The data of recent years show an almost fairytale-like picture, but in a similar compilation last year, we suggested that perhaps the positive trend will not last forever.

“According to our unofficial police information, the current, extremely favorable theft rate is difficult to sustain for years. One reason for this may be the release of members of gangs of thieves who have been shut down by a special group of police in recent years. Some of these criminals, according to statistics, are likely to return to what they did before. ” – we wrote then.

We’ll see.

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