THERMAL SHOCK PROTEINS: How to slow down aging and forgetfulness

The aging of the organism is a natural phenomenon. Aging is most often manifested by relaxed muscles, wrinkled skin, growths on the skin, age spots, etc. At the same time, there is forgetfulness, mild deafness, slow movements, etc.

Central to the pathophysiology of neurodegenerative diseases is the loss of protein homeostasis and the progressive loss of selective neurons. Protein homeostasis involves a complex system of protein synthesis, folding, disaggregation and degradation that ensures the proper function of the human body, and especially the central nervous system.

Prof. Dr. Stanisa Stojiljkovic

Loss of protein homeostasis, due to incorrect folding and aggregation of damaged proteins, is a feature of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease are the two most common degenerative neurological conditions and are more common with aging.

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Diseases are incurable and result in long-term cognitive, psychological, motor and non-motor impairments that have a profound impact on functional mobility, psychological well-being, independent living and quality of life.

The element of the protein network of homeostasis that prevents the regulatory disorder associated with neurodegeneration is the role of molecular companions.

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Heat shock proteins (HSPs) are molecular companions which regulate the aggregation and separation of proteins in the intracellular and extracellular spaces, and the evidence supports their protective effect against the aggregation of proteins common to neurodegenerative diseases.

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Accordingly, the regulation of HSPs, such as HSP70, may be a target for therapeutic interventions to protect against neurodegeneration. A new therapeutic intervention to increase HSP expression can be found in heat therapy.

Since the emergence of official treatment procedures, the problem of maintaining vitality in old age has been a challenge for several branches of science. One of the important influences is the genetics of the organism. It should not be disturbed but nurtured.

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The body works on three basic principles using food and water, which are: the principle of a balanced diet, the principle of energy, the principle of cleansing and regeneration. Balanced conditions weaken with age because we violate all three principles.

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Therefore, the organism should be viewed as a whole. In order for the organism to recover from the imbalance, it is necessary to start from the cell itself as the basic unit and its environment. Harmful processes often occur in the cells due to imbalance or homeostasis.

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Namely, due to the multitude of additives in food, drugs and cosmetics, stressful situations, the proteins in the cell change and they do not perform their basic functions. Instead of being mobile, they become curly and affect the occurrence of arthritis, arteriosclerosis and other problems.

In such emergencies, our body is constantly exposed to pathogens. Whenever there is a realization of bad influences, be it food, supplements, stress, drugs, air, clothes or shoes in the body, a defense mechanism is triggered that tends to maintain the vitality of the protein.

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The body then produces so-called “thermal shock proteins” that protect the denaturation of proteins in the cell. Of course, if such situations are more frequent, the organism will give way and then dysfunctions of the corresponding processes occur, which are diagnosed in time as appropriate diseases.

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The organism warns us at a young age with some of its external effects, leg cramps during the night, itching, bloating and gas, bad urination, etc. In the initial phase, there is a slight imbalance of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients.

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Then we can “fix” the organism with the dosed use of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, postbiotics, etc.

Otherwise, when several processes in the body are disrupted, it is not able to create energy from food, and then a complete approach with dosed elements of cleansing, nutrition and finally energization is needed.

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For the sake of comparison, we can observe car parts, but without service and repair, it will be difficult to install the parts themselves in the car.

In Japan, an epidemiological study of a questionnaire was conducted regarding personal bathing habits and medical history, where individuals bathe in warm water every day.

Questionnaires regarding hot bathing habits and medical history were sent randomly to 20,000 residents aged ≥65 living in Beppu, a city in Japan that has the highest concentration of hot spring springs in the world.

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The results showed that the usual hot bath has preventive or promotional effects on the occurrence of certain diseases, such as hypertension (preventive) and collagen disease (promotional) in women, and cardiovascular disease (preventive) and survival of colon cancer (promotional) in men.

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These findings suggest that normal body warming is an efficient and economical method with beneficial preventive and promotional effects on various diseases.

Passive heating also improves health markers, including cardiovascular health indices such as vascular function, blood pressure and arterial stiffness, as well as metabolic health and glycemic control.

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Compared to the classic home bathing with tap water, a hot bath in water rich in minerals that stimulate heat conduction is more efficient for raising the basic body temperature.

The Japanese Ministry of Environmental Protection has published a list of balneotherapeutic effects of spa bathing in relation to hot spas of the type.

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The results showed that spa bathing can also prevent ischemic heart disease, hypertension, bronchial asthma, hyperlipidemia, kidney disease, depression and allergies in women, because the incidence rates of these diseases were lower throughout life in many bathing conditions. Many cultures swear by the grace of a hot bath.

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But it is only recently that science has begun to understand how passive warm-up (as opposed to warming up and sweating from exercise) improves health.

At Loughborough University, they investigated the effect of a hot bath on blood sugar control (an important measure of metabolic readiness) and on energy expenditure (number of calories burned).

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Due to the situation with the corona, low standard in our bathroom, we can organize immersion with a combination of emulsion based on clay, sea salt and aromatic salt.

It is important to note that for a successful process of regeneration and recovery, the organism should be prepared from the early morning with cleansing elements (clay, shaking oil, preparations for strengthening immunity, etc.) in order for the effect of immersion in the bath to be more efficient.

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My experience with clients who have used the Intensive program of detoxification and recovery of the body in which an essential part is immersion in the bath with BATH – SHENEMIL emulsion based on herbs and clay, with the addition of sea salt, baking soda and Aromatic salt – SHENEMIL proved to be very successful .’s photo

Immersion in the bath was performed symbolically in “amniotic fluid”, because its composition, dielectric constant, HLB coefficient, pH value, ion exchange and absorption capacity are similar to amniotic fluid.

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In fact, immersion in the bath – PASSIVE HEATING – with the mentioned components enabled the skin to communicate with the bath solution, intensifying the processes of metabolism (diffusion, ion exchange and adsorption).

By immersing in the bath with emulsion, we manage to start the “thermal shock protein”, which stimulates intensive metabolism in cells, then cleanses the lymphatic system, intensifies blood exchange between organs and skin, performs quality inhalation and above all provides high quality biochemical sleep processes. The skin becomes soft, restoring all neglected functions.

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Passive heating in the mentioned emulsion significantly helps the recovery of persons who have suffered from a modern infectious agent.

Passive heating raises nitric oxide, a molecule that dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.

This has implications for the treatment of high blood pressure and improved peripheral circulation in people with type 2 diabetes.

As type 2 diabetes is associated with reduced nitric oxide availability, passive heating can help restore a healthier nitric oxide level and lower blood pressure.

This is important because lowering blood pressure is closely linked to a reduced risk of developing heart disease.

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Exposure of cells to environmental stressors such as heat shock, heavy metals, and proteasome inhibition causes induction of heat shock proteins (HSPs), which have been shown to have cytoprotective functions. HSP induction is regulated at the level of transcription by heat shock factor 1 (HSF1), which recognizes the heat shock element (HSE) in the hsp gene promoter.

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Heat shock proteins are molecules made by all cells of the human body in response to stress. Their level rises after exercise and passive warm-up.

In the long run, elevated levels of these proteins can help with insulin function and improve blood sugar control. In contrast, heat shock proteins have been shown to be lower in people with diabetes.

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Immersion in a bath with an emulsion based on clay, sea salt and aromatic salt based on magnesium intensifies the thermal shock protein, which progressively affects the recovery of the lymphatic and cardiovascular system. This creates a greater likelihood of mitigating the aging process.

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