As the coronavirus epidemic subsides, airplanes are increasingly returning to the sky. Some flights will resume, others will resume: this is also the case with the Singapore-New York route operated by Singapore Airlines. There are two options for the flight: one is the longest flight in the world right now, making the journey non-stop. Here, passengers have to endure 18 hours on an Airbus A350.

However, there is also a stop option. In this case, the A380, the world’s largest passenger plane, lands in Frankfurt for a rest. If you don’t have an urgent task on the other side of the world, Singapore passengers may want to choose this flight just for rest, but that’s not the real attraction of the world’s largest passenger plane.

Before the flight was resumed on Monday, it was shown what awaits those who buy the most expensive tickets for the flight. Six smaller suites have been designed with reclining leather armchairs, a plush bed and a sliding door on board. Couples can also take advantage of the service: although there is only one per plane, their cabin can be connected and they can relax in a double bed while flying.

There is no seat but a suite on this plane 2

The suites also have a 32-inch touch-screen TV, but a tablet can be used to control the consumer electronics and control the lights. For the duration of the trip, everyone gets a pair of Bang & Olufsen noise-canceling headphones, so you can enjoy all kinds of music without interruption. A private bathroom with premium products is available, and quality pajamas can be borrowed, while a porcelain dinner can be enjoyed in bed.

There is no seat but a suite on this plane 3There is no seat but a suite on this plane 4

We are unable to provide exact prices for all of this because most of the available times have already been booked, so there is a need for this type of service. However, it is possible to know that the service package will cost at least HUF 3 million even in the lower voice.