The DT-30 has an unladen weight of 29 tons, a payload of 30 tons, a maximum speed of 37 km / h on a normal road, a floating speed of 4-5 km / h and a range of 500 km. The drive is provided by a 710-horsepower (522 kW) diesel engine. Its ground pressure is only 0.3 kilograms / square centimeter.

It is designed for a variety of climatic conditions (swamp, snow, taiga anything can come) between -40 and +50 degrees Celsius. It was at least as unique as the Buran spacecraft, with the difference that the Vityaz was not pushed into a huge warehouse forever, but worked hard every day and there were no obstacles for it.

But there is terrain in Siberia where even this unstoppable structure gets stuck. In this video, he manages to drive him into a yellow pit from which even an amphibian cannot brawl.