The Your Phone application (Windows 10) and several Android smartphones

The iOS and macOS duo have no competition

People who spend a lot of time in front of a computer, usually performing their duties, want to lose as little attention as possible on unnecessary activities. I perfectly understand this need, because I have been working for years and if there is something that will allow me to reach for the phone less often, I will use this option. The iOS and macOS duo made it a natural thing to respond to texts and receive calls from your computer. Hearing the ringtone or notification, I can look at the macOS notification center to see if a particular situation requires my answer.

For Windows, there have been many attempts to improve relations with mobile platforms. Mainly independent developers did this, for example by offering the Pushbullet application. It made it possible to quickly transfer files to other mobile devices, forward links to pages, and also supported SMS messages on Android allowing reading and writing back. I am convinced that those who needed this opportunity know a lot more tools offering such options, because Pushbullet was not the only creation of ambitious developers.

And this was a necessary community action, because after the failure of Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft lost the advantage of its own mobile platform that could complement and integrate with desktop Windows. Google, which leads the mobile market thanks to Android, has to offer only Chrome OS. The system is getting closer and closer to Android, but at the same time it is quite a niche platform offered only on selected devices. As a consequence, neither Android nor Windows have their counterparts on the other side of the barricade, so Microsoft’s desire to strengthen relationships between these systems should not surprise anyone. And they do it really well.

Your phone application and several Android smartphones

The more I enjoy the prospect in which your phone application will allow you to remotely manage not only one of our smartphone, but several. Perhaps a group of users who have more than one phone is not in numbers, but there are certainly such people. The ability to connect to a computer on the work phone prevented similar pairing with a private device, so the situation only partially improved. Microsoft has declared that it will add support for multiple devices in the Insider app version and it should now be available in the test channel. To add another device in the Your phone application, just click the “Add new device” button and follow the instructions. The application will now work with two (or more) Android smartphones, which will certainly prove helpful to many users.

A series of new functions that have been implemented over a dozen or so months now allows you to receive voice calls, read messages and reply to text messages, view the contents of the phone (including a quick preview of recently taken photos) and view notifications. And recently, on selected smartphones, the ability to transfer screen content has also been added, which reduces the limitation of response to notifications – we can remotely operate messengers or other applications. All this means that we actually have to break away from the computer screen and keyboard to handle the phone. Each time reaching for it may not take too much time, but it separates us from the computer, our open applications and ongoing tasks. If you do it too often, it may be difficult to complete some tasks. I don’t like it and try to limit such situations.