The World Cup for clubs starts in 2024, 24 teams are participating 1FIFA President Gianni Infantino. Photo: EPA-EFE

FIFA President Gianni Infantino announced that the World Club Championship will start in 2024 and that 24 teams will participate.

“The World Club Championship was a new competition, it was stopped due to a pandemic. We will have a new version of 24 teams. The date is not known, but the project is being realized and could appear in 2024. We want it and we have it in our plans. We’ll find the right date. Everywhere except in Europe, the World Club Championship is very important. We are talking about that, it will be realized in June 2024 “, said Infantino.

Footballers often complain about the tight schedule, but even so, Infantino does not give up on the idea of ​​holding the World Cup every two years.

“The current calendar ends in 2024. We paid attention to all the actors and saw that the World Cup would be favorable every two years, but we were convinced that there was a strong opposition. Something more must be done for football, the best for our sport. There is no point in closing and ignoring everything. No rush, but we keep learning. We want everyone to agree and benefit the entire football pyramid. “ said Infantino.

He also referred to the situation around Russia, ie the war in Ukraine.

“We had to suspend Russia’s participation and that is something that hurts us because football needs to unite. We hope that football will be played in Russia again soon. The union has not been suspended because we have to talk, to have a dialogue, “the first man of FIFA pointed out.

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