THE WHOLE OF SERBIA STORIES ABOUT THIS CORRESPONDENCE: Ljajic sent a message to Novak Djokovic, look what Novak answered him! (PHOTO)

Novak Djokovic decided to help Novi Pazar, a city that currently has big problems due to the coronavirus, he donated five million dinars to the General Hospital in Novi Pazar.

Former Partizan football player, and now Besiktas, Adem Ljajic he did not hide his satisfaction with the news that he was Novak Djokovic donated five million dinars to the health system of Novi Pazar for the fight against the corona virus.

WhatsApp correspondence between the Besiktas football player and the best tennis player in the world has appeared on the Internet.

– My brother, I wanted to thank you personally. On behalf of the citizens of Novi Pazar, for the donation you sent to my city and on my behalf. Many messages came to me from Novi Pazar, to thank you personally. So I took advantage of that acquaintance of ours. I hope you and your family are ok? I want a quick recovery – the football player wrote.

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– Dear Adem, thank you for the wonderful message. It is my pleasure, honor and obligation to help whenever and wherever I can. I have never been to Novi Pazar, and I would love to. I heard the city has a great soul. We are fine, we have been negative since yesterday. I hope that you are as well as yours – answered Novak Djokovic.