The WHO made a statement on mutations of coronavirus

The World Health Organization commented on the news of the discovery of a coronavirus mutation called D614G, which spreads faster than the “classic” virus. The WHO said that the coronavirus has no mutations that would make it more dangerous and stronger.

A statement was made at a briefing by the Association of Foreign Correspondents at the UN Geneva Office, head of the technical group of the WHO Emergency Diseases Unit, Maria Van Kerkhov.

According to the representative of WHO, now there are more than 50 thousand accessible chains of the virus. A mutation of D614G was first discovered in February.

“So this is not a new mutation, but it was detected in samples from early chains from Europe, Mexico, Brazil, Wuhan. At the moment, our teams are researching it. About 29% of all obtained virus chains have this mutation. She was in Europe, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany and both Americas. So far, there is no evidence that it leads to an increase in the virus, ”said Kerkkhove.

And WHO chief research officer Sumia Swaminathan added that the mentioned mutation was detected in the laboratory.

“Viruses mutate. And this is to be expected. A special mutation called D614G has recently been identified. It can lead to faster replication of the virus. This was revealed in the laboratory. The virus multiplies faster, which can lead to its faster spread. But it can take a long time from finding something in the laboratory to identifying the impact of this on the epidemic, ”said the researcher.

She also assured that WHO scientists are closely monitoring the mutation.

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