The Volkswagen Golf 8 race car – Auto-Motor – was unveiled in South Africa

In South Africa, the Volkswagen dealer has started in the local Global Touring Cars championship with a race car built from Jet in the last four years, but since they are no longer making a right-hand drive version of the stepped-back model, they have to switch. Next year there will be a market launch of the Golf 8 GTI and they were confident that the race car will be just as good for promoting the street car.

There is no official race calendar yet, but the 2020 GTC Championship looks set to start in August, with two Golf 8 GTIs starting in the GTC1 category, one for 2019 GTC1 champion Keagan Masters and the other for 2016. GTC2 champion Daniel Rowe will lead. Nothing has been revealed about the technical details of the Golf 8 GTI GTC racing car other than the fact that the new chromium-molybdenum tubular frame is much lighter than before – perhaps because engineers are still working on the design, they are still hoping to start the new season. race car.