The theft in the village of Dhurena is already being investigated by the police, who spoke about the case today. According to them, the villagers were robbed of 800 kilograms of cow dung, worth 1,600 Indian rupees or a little more than 18 euros. The brazen theft did happen on the night of June 9, but he is the village chief Kamhan Singh Kanwar | filed a formal application only six days later.

The federal government buys cow dung from citizens as part of its ambitious program, which was introduced last summer to speed up the production of vermicompost. And what is vermicompost? In simple terms, it is a compost similar to traditional compost, except that it is also inhabited by worms. According to Indian media, the federal authorities are buying cow dung at the price of two rupees per kilogram. Police have not yet tracked the insensitive thieves.