The three perpetrators named by Choi Choi Sook-hyun have denied allegations of assault.

Kim Gyu-bong, a coach of the Cheol-in triathlete team from the Gyeongju City Hall (from the left), Jang Yoon-jung, and Kim Do-hwan, who were present as witnesses to the urgent question of the National Assembly, Sports and Tourism Committee.

Before Choi Sook-hyun was killed, those who were designated as perpetrators of harsh acts attended the National Assembly to deny all suspicions.

At the beginning of this year, Choi Sook-hyun sued four prosecutors at the prosecution, Kim Gyu-bong, the head coach of the three-team team of Cheol-in, the team doctor, Amo, and senior player Jang Yoon-jung and Kim Do-hwan.

Among them, coach Gyu-Bong Kim and Yun-Jung Jang and Do-Hwan Kim attended the urgent question of the National Assembly’s Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee on the 6th.

All three denied allegations and allegations of violence against Choi Sook-hyun.

Director Kim Gyu-bong said, “(Sookhyun Choi) has known since childhood, and I am an apprentice who taught me. I will be faithful to the police investigation.”

In addition, Director Kim added, “I will apologize and apologize for my mistake of not knowing where the assault took place and the manager supervision.”

Team captain Yoon-Jung Jang also denied all suspicions, saying, “I have never been assaulted.” In response to the question, “Jang Choi is willing to apologize to the player,” Jang replied, “I have a time to spend together, but it hurts me, but I will sincerely investigate.

Comrade Kim Do-hwan said, “There is no violence, no assault, no apology, no thoughts, no regrets, no regrets.”

Choi Sook-hyun’s colleagues are holding a press conference at the Yeouido National Assembly Communication Hall in Seoul on the morning of the 6th to testify to Choi’s further damage.

However, Choi Sook-hyun’s fellow players are giving a completely different testimony. Choi’s colleagues held a press conference at the National Assembly Communication Hall on this day and revealed, “The Gyeongju City Hall Triathlon Team (Third Triathlon) was only the coach and a specific player’s kingdom.”

The specific player they pointed to is captain Jang Yoon-jung. Through the press conference, Choi’s colleagues revealed some of the harsh acts that Jang Yoon-jung committed to his colleagues, saying, “The brutality was not only directed by the director.”

According to a press conference, Jang did not hesitate to hit the head of a player who made a mistake during training with a bottle of water, or grabbed the ear of a player with acrophobia and dragged him to the rooftop and said, “If you fall behind, die alone.”

Jang also injured another player, who was unable to train with a cold body.

It is said that Jang Choi especially called Choi Sook-hyun as a “mentalist” and prevented him from getting close to other players.

Putting together the words of fellow players, Jang seems to have provoked not only Choi Sook-hyun, but also various players in the team.