The third derby awaits the hockey players of Pardubice and Hradec Králové

Prague – The East Bohemian derby will offer Wednesday’s program of the 45th round of the hockey extra league. The seventh Pardubice and the fifth Hradec Králové will go into it with a good current form, the home Dynamo will try to turn the rival for points for the first time in the season. The leader of Sparta will present himself on the ice of the fourth Liberec, the second Třinec will play against the sixth Pilsen. Praguers and Steelworks share only two points, so the competition can have a new leader.

The people of Pardubice scored five times in a row, winning four times. “Hradec is a challenge in every match, it’s our neighbor. The rivalry is there and it is impossible to start the match other than 120 percent. defender Jan Zdráhal.

Hradec Králové won both previous fights of the year. He is currently on the wave of three wins and is losing only a point to Liberec. “Pardubice plays great hockey, they are fast, good backwards. We have to prepare for them and play our game. I hope that we will get three points. If the four ends, we will be very happy,” said striker Marek Zachar.

Liberec has won four times in a row and will play against Sparta, which it has defeated twice out of three duels. After a series of nine wins on Monday, the leader of Sparta lost to Karlovy Vary after the raids and scored points for the sixteenth time in a row. The last time she came out empty on January 3, when she lost at home to Liberec 1: 3. In the north of Bohemia, the people of Prague lost five times in a row, including the Summer Cup, the last time they played here in normal playing time was in December 2016.

“We are glad that it is played right away. We only have one practice and we will not rummage in the last match. This is ideal,” said coach Miloslav Hořava after the duel with Energie, which Sparta lost due to a collected goal in weakening in the 59th minute. “Now it will be similar to the playoffs, but we prefer it when it is played,” he added to the program of four matches in seven days.

Trinec has won eight of the last nine matches and is still chasing Sparta. Against Pilsen, they will be deploying Stránský’s and Špaček’s representatives, to whom coach Václav Varaďa left off after the Swedish Games on Monday.

“They had a challenging program and an equally demanding program is ahead of us, we didn’t want to risk anything. After a break, it always takes a while to get into it. It was such a lean unsalty from us overall, but I believe it will improve,” he said Varaďa, who only lacks the wounded Jaroměřský. Třinec defeated Pilsen five times in a row at home.

Pilsen complicated the fight for a place in the first four with a 2: 4 defeat in Mladá Boleslav. “There is nothing that can be done, we are moving on, we will fight until the end,” said striker Petr Kodýtek.

Karlovy Vary ended a series of five defeats at Sparta on Monday and want to continue their improved results at home against Brno. “We have two home matches ahead of us, in which we will try to build on the performance from Sparta. I hope that it will continue to trample us,” said forward Tomáš Vondráček, the team’s second best scorer and former Kometa player with 15 goals.

The comet moved to Vary straight from České Budějovice with a valuable win of 5: 4. Not only for gaining three points, but also with the knowledge of improved play, although not for the whole 60 minutes. “We fouled a lot and were punished for it. We have to improve this. I hope that the win will kick us, we will confirm it in Vary and we will start tuning in to a key phase of the season,” said the center Petr Holík.

Olomouc has not been able to score fully in five games in a row and it seems that it has the twelfth place reserved by the end of the basic part. The ideal chance to turn it around and get closer to the tenth Litvínov is to win Wednesday’s match on home ice. “We are now playing five matches in nine days, there are a lot of matches and I believe that we will keep the position for the preliminary round,” coach Jan Tomajko indicated the main priority of the Hanáks.

Litvínov suffered a lot from Liberec for the last time, but he has been waiting for the win in the basic time since the end of January. “We are satisfied with the point against Liberec, but as far as performance is concerned, we have to improve in the next matches,” coached coach Vladimír Országh.

Zlín is moving away from participation in the playoffs every round, on Monday the Rams suffered their sixth loss in a row. On Wednesday, they will want to interrupt the black series with Mladá Boleslav. “We have nine matches to the end and if we want to fight for the preliminary round, it is not time to have our heads down,” said forward Antonín Honejsek, who returned to the squad after a national team break after a month.

Thanks to a series of three home matches, Mladá Boleslav also stretched the points line for six matches, of which the Skating Club celebrated its win five times.

Vítkovice has a chance to return to České Budějovice the debacle 0: 7 from the first match in Ostrava on home ice. “We are literally waiting for the final sprint. The matches are coming so fast now that it doesn’t even make much sense to decide who you are playing against. wounded Captain Pole.

The players of the last České Budějovice did not use the stumbling of the Rams in any way and they are still losing six points.

Statistics before Wednesday’s hockey extra league matches

HC Olomouc (12th) – HC Verva Litvinov (10th).

Start of the match: 17:00.

Head-to-head this season: 3: 4 after sam. raids, 1: 2 in overtime.

Most productive players: Jan Káňa II 39 matches / 22 points (12 goals + 10 assists) – Viktor Hübl 43/28 (10 + 18).

Goalkeeper statistics: Branislav Konrád average 2.59 goals per match, the success rate of interventions 91.62 percent and once kept a clean sheet, Jan Lukáš 3.20 and 90.02 – Denis Godla 2.50, 91.36 and kept a clean sheet four times , Šimon Zajíček 2.67 and 89.01.


– Olomouc scored twice in a row, but lost four of the last five matches.

– The Hanans lost three times in a row at home and did not get a point.

– Litvínov scored three times in a row, but lost four of the last five duels.

– Verva has scored outside in two of the past three duels, but has only won one.

– Olomouc scored in mutual duels nine times in a row and won six times.

– Defender Tomáš Valenta from Olomouc can play the 300th match in the extra league.

– Forward Tomáš Gřeš from Olomouc celebrates his 25th birthday today

PSG Berani Zlín (13th) – BK Mladá Boleslav (3rd).

Start of the match: 17:00.

H2H matches this season: 3: 7, 3: 2 overtime, 1: 0.

Most productive players: Antonín Honejsek 31/22 (6 + 16) – David Šťastný 42/43 (22 + 21).

Goalkeeper statistics: Libor Kašík 3.08, 91.53 and twice kept a clean sheet, Daniel Huf 2.82, 91.44 and once kept a clean sheet, Michal Kořének 3.91 and 88.10 – Jan Růžička 2.14, 91 , 67 and three times kept a clean sheet, Gašper Krošelj 2.45 and 91.01.


– Zlín lost six times in a row and did not get a point.

– The Rams lost three times in a row at home and reached one point.

– Mladá Boleslav scored six times in a row and won five times.

– The skating club outside scored six times in a row and won twice.

– Zlín has won five of the last seven matches.

– Striker Jakub Strnad from Mladá Boleslav celebrates his 29th birthday today.

HC Oceláři Třinec (2nd) – HC Škoda Plzeň (6th).

Start of the match: 17:00.

H2H matches this season: 3: 1, 4: 3 overtime, 0: 5.

Most productive players: Martin Růžička 43/55 (17 + 38) – Milan Gulaš 43/48 (15 + 33).

Goalkeeper statistics: Jakub Štěpánek 2.46, 89.67 and once kept a clean sheet, Ondřej Kacetl 2.30 and 89.96 – Dominik Frodl 2.54, 91.06 and twice kept a clean sheet, Dominik Pavlát 2.31, 92 , 26 and twice kept a clean sheet.


– Třinec has won eight of the last nine matches and lost only three points.

– The steelmakers won seven times in a row at home and lost a single point.

– Pilsen has lost only three of the last nine duels.

– Damage outside lost three times in a row and did not get a point.

– Třinec defeated Pilsen five times in a row at home.

– Captain Ocelářů Petr Vrána is waiting for ten matches for the jubilee 100th goal in the extra league.

HC Vítkovice Ridera (11th) – Madeta Motor České Budějovice (14th).

Start of the match: 17:00.

H2H matches this season: 3: 2 in overtime, 0: 7, 3: 4 after sam. raids.

Most productive players: Dominik Lakatoš 39/33 (18 + 15) – Zdeněk Doležal 42/30 (15 + 15).

Goalkeeper statistics: Daniel Dolejš 2.45, 92.14 and twice kept a clean sheet, Miroslav Svoboda 2.74, 90.79 and twice kept a clean sheet – Marek Čiliak 4.04 and 86.91, Jan Strmeň 3.02 and 89 , 95.


– Vítkovice have lost four of the last six matches.

– The people from Ostrava won only one of the last four duels and gained only four points.

– České Budějovice lost three times in a row and scored a single point.

– The engine scored outside three times in a row and won twice.

– České Budějovice won Vítkovice 7-0 on 20 November and it was their first victory in the 11th match of the season.

– Motor coach Václav Prospal will celebrate his 46th birthday on Wednesday.

– Striker Zbyněk Irgl from Vítkovice is waiting for seven matches to reach the limit of 200 goals in the extra league.

HC Energie Karlovy Vary (8th) – HC Kometa Brno (9th).

Start of the match: 17:30.

H2H matches this season: 4: 2, 0: 3.

Most productive players: Jakub Flek 40/28 (14 + 14) – Peter Mueller 37/40 (23 + 27).

Goalkeeper statistics: Filip Novotný 2.95, 90.75 and twice kept a clean sheet, Vladislav Habal 3.26 and 87.80, Patrik Hamrla 4.16 and 88.03, Adam Horák 5.00 and 86.49 – Karel Vejmelka 2.71, 91.51 and kept the account clean three times, Pavel Jekel 2.98 and 92.11, Lukáš Klimeš 3.12 and 91.22.


– Karlovy Vary on Monday took five defeats and won on Sparta ice 4: 3 after separate raids. It was their second victory in the last eleven matches.

– Energy at home lost three times in a row and did not get a point.

– The comet won on Monday in České Budějovice 5: 4 and succeeded after three defeats. It was only her second victory from the last eight duels and she played both against the last Motor.

– Karlovy Vary has won three of the past five mutual matches.

– Forward Tomáš Vondráček from Karlovy Vary celebrates his 30th birthday today.

– Goalkeeper Filip Novotný from Karlovy Vary can start the 200th match in the extra league.

White Tigers Liberec (4th) – HC Sparta Prague (1st).

Match start: 17:30 (O2 TV Sport).

H2H matches this season: 3: 2, 0: 3, 3: 1.

Most productive players: Michal Birner 40/38 (11 + 27) – Michal Řepík 44/45 (22 + 23).

Goalkeeper statistics: Petr Kváča 1.89, 93.23 and twice kept a clean sheet, Jaroslav Pavelka 2.24, 90.12 and once kept a clean sheet – Matěj Machovský 2.18, 91.60 and kept a clean sheet five times, Oldřich Cichoň 0 and 100, Alexander Salák 1.92 and 92.03, Jakub Neužil 2.27 and 90.00.


– Liberec won four times in a row and lost only two points. He lost only one of the last ten duels.

– The White Tigers have scored at home in five of the past six games and have won four times.

– Sparta scored sixteen times in a row and lost only three times in this series.

– Praguers outside scored seven times in a row and won five times.

– Liberec has won six of the last seven matches.

– Defender Jan Štibingr from Liberec celebrates his 21st birthday today, striker Radovan Pavlík will be 23 years old on Thursday.

– Sparta defender Jan Košťálek will celebrate his 26th birthday on Wednesday.

HC Dynamo Pardubice (7th) – Mountfield Hradec Králové (5th).

Start of the match: 18:00.

Head-to-head this season: 2: 5, 2: 3.

Most productive players: Anthony Camara 36/30 (17 + 13) – Radek Smoleňák 43/29 (17 + 12).

Goalkeeper statistics: Pavel Kantor 2.55, 90.64 and once kept a clean sheet, Konstantin Barulin 2.46, 90.91 and once kept a clean sheet, Milan Klouček 3.16 and 90.32 – Marek Mazanec 2.25, 91 , 72 and twice kept a clean sheet, Štěpán Lukeš 2.05, 92.41 and once kept a clean sheet.


– Pardubice scored five times in a row and won four times.

– Dynamo has won on its own ice twice in a row after the previous two home defeats.

– Hradec Králové won three times in a row and did not lose a point. He lost only one of the last five duels.

– Mountfield has won two of the last three duels outside.

– Hradec Králové won three of the last four East Bohemian derbies.

– Forward Michal Machač from Pardubice celebrates his 22nd birthday today

– Striker Vladimír Růžička from Hradec Králové will celebrate his 32nd birthday on Wednesday.

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