Electromobility is gaining more and more space in the world, it is the start of the upswing, and Tesla is profiting handsomely from this, despite the fact that there are many complaints about the products of Elon Musk’s manufacturer, every few days we could write about where and what system broke down, what part admitted the strange behavior produced by the brand’s models.

The problems are particularly evident in Norway, as the Scandinavian country is at the forefront of the electrification of road transport, in 2021 already two-thirds of the new cars sold were plug-in hybrids or purely electric, 80% are predicted for this year – and the biggest winner is Tesla , was the most popular car brand in the country of 5.4 million people last year, even ahead of Volkswagen, and the trend continues this year, with Model Y and Model 3 leading sales in the first half of the year.

The Tesla hunger strike 2 did not last a day

Elon, help me! (Photo: Twitter/Erlend Mørch)

With such a volume, problems occur more often, and some Norwegian Tesla owners decided to go on a hunger strike to underline their complaints, so that Musk himself would take measures so that Tesla Norway would better treat its currently dissatisfied clients.

The action failed miserably, 16 of the 20 people marching with 17 Teslas couldn’t last a whole day without eating, which probably doesn’t reach the stimulus threshold of either the local distributor or the billionaire.