The TADY VARY show started in a hundred cinemas, replacing the festival

Updates: 03.07.2020 20:23

Karlovy Vary – The TADY VARY film festival has started today in almost a hundred Czech cinemas, which this year is a partial replacement for the canceled Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, whose 55th year was postponed by the organizers to 2021 due to the coronavirus epidemic. is sometimes the heart of the film festival at this time.

The audience in Thermal, as well as in all cinemas involved in the show, was greeted by the festival’s president Jiří Bartoška and Marek Eben, and in Karlovy Vary by Karel Och, the artistic director of the film festival. “We are very happy that the Thermal Hotel has joined the large number of cinemas and we cannot miss Karlovy Vary, because the Thermal Hotel is intrinsically connected to the festival,” said Och and invited the audience to another performance.

In a pre-recorded greeting recorded in the empty Great Hall of the Thermal Hotel, the president of the festival Jiří Bartoška and the moderator Marek Eben thanked the audience and the ‘cinematographers’ in particular. They then symbolically donated a crystal globe, the main festival prize, to them from the screen.

From today to July 11, the TADY VARY show will offer 16 films in 96 cinemas around the Czech Republic, selected by the program department of the Karlovy Vary festival. The performances will be designed to be as close as possible to the festival atmosphere.

Even in Thermal, visitors to the performance will be able to enjoy the festival atmosphere, for example, so that, except today, all films will be screened in the Great Hall. There are also festival mugs available, this year with the logo of the TADY VARY show. In front of the hotel, as in the real festival, there are statues of festival crystal globes and a red carpet on which visitors to the city can take pictures.

The organizers of the festival announced that Karlovy Vary will not completely lose the film festival this year. The “54 1/2 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (IFF)” will take place from 18 to 21 November. The non-competitive show will present 30 films, each of them twice, and will be screened in the Thermal Hotel, the Karlovy Vary Municipal Theater, the Čas Cinema and the Grandhotel Pupp hall.

The Karlovy Vary Film Festival is important not only for the presentation and image of the city, but it is also important economically. It will bring between 150 and 200 million crowns a year in revenues from the city and its surroundings. About 140,000 tickets were sold at last year’s festival. There were 12,521 accredited visitors, of which 10,363 with festival passports, 395 filmmakers, 1,158 film professionals and 605 journalists. Thousands more will visit the spa town during the festival to enjoy the unique atmosphere.