The surrogacy law will go up for a vote: Will white and blue be supported?

On Wednesday, an awkward test for white and all the LGBT ministers and MKs in the coalition prepared a preliminary reading of the surrogacy bill that was part of Gantz’s party promise. The bill was disapproved, ending 29 Knesset members in favor, 49 who voted against, and the rest were not present in the plenary.

Minister of Internal Security Amir Ohana, Minister of Labor Itzik Shmuli and Knesset Committee Chairman Eitan Ginsburg voted in favor of the proposal on behalf of the Yesh Faction, despite the announcement sent to coalition members to fill the bill with the aim of overthrowing the bill. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Benny Gantz was absent from the vote.

MK Roll addressed Gantz in his speech at the plenary, saying: “You have four children, it would cost me NIS 2 million to bring them into the world. You, Omar Jankelevich, have five children. Anyone who votes against the surrogacy law because of a little politics will understand the meaning. You deny tens of thousands of couples the right to be parents. You send us to do the most intimate and great thing in our lives in a foreign, difficult and complex way – and in a foreign land. ”

MK Yurav Lahavzeno added: “The coalition members have 302 children, and they say I can’t be a father? In what moral right? The shame has also been lost. “

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This bill was passed by Knesset members Roll and Yair Lapid era, And it seeks to allow same-sex spouses to perform surrogacy in Israel. Today, the law only applies to heterosexual couples, where a woman has difficulty conceiving. In July 2018, the law was amended and also applied to a single mother who has difficulty conceiving. For years, since the law was enacted in 1996, various attempts have been unsuccessfully to abolish its permanent discrimination against same-sex couples and women and men without spouses. A similar bill was previously proposed by Knesset members Amir Ohana (Likud) and Eitan Ginsburg (blue and white).

MK Era roll This morning he told Maariv Online ahead of the vote: “Benny Gantz has repeatedly promised three election campaigns that he will legislate the surrogacy law, it is explicitly written in a blue-and-white platform. Members of Blue-White have this month rejected the law in the Ministerial Committee on Legislation and spat at the proud community. Give them a chance to correct and adhere to their word. “

Rolling Age (Photo: Flash 90)

“It is sad that some Knesset members and proud ministers who have undergone surrogacy to have children know how hard it is, but abandon this struggle now when they are in power and when they already have their family. Itzik Shmuli, Amir Ohana, Ethan Ginsburg – You already have a family So don’t you mind that others from your community, those who are elected as representatives of the Knesset, will not? I hope your common sense overcomes the small politics and vote for them, “MK Roll added.

As mentioned, yesterday, a message was sent to the coalition members to come to the plenum to drop the bill. The coalition is also mobilizing today to stifle the initiative of Meretz faction MK Tamar Zandberg to set up a parliamentary investigative committee to investigate “police violence” following the arrest of Amir Hashel, and another bill to limit PM’s presidency initiated by MK Oded Forer (Israel is our Home).

Minister of Justice Abby Nissenkorn Address today the MK’s surrogacy bill, saying that “equality is a pillar of a democratic state and the fundamental right to parenting must be equal regardless of religion, race, gender and sexual orientation. The High Court ruling is also in line with this fundamental principle. In order to end the discrimination as soon as possible, the surrogacy law should be promoted professionally and responsibly – and not a private bill. “.

The replacement prime minister, Benny Gantz, Shared Nissenkorn’s remarks and wrote in his Twitter account: “Full Equal Rights. For Parents and Those Who Want to Be Parents. We Promise and Clean.”

MK too Use Horowitz Responded to the bill, mocking the possibility that it would pass: “This government will not bring a law on parity to LGBT parenthood, and I will add: What will this government bring? fever”.